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Mini Cooper (My Dear)

I saw a cute battery operated mini cooper at the 6th Parenthood Expo at Mid Valley @ MyDear’s booth. It was going on a sale price of RM510 (UP. RM599). I was pressuring Ryan to get this but the little fella had his eyes on another beauty instead. No amount of psyching, pestering nor bribing could sway his mind. Hubs said we should just let him make the decision since he’s the one driving it. So this is what we got for him…













We got it at RM375 (UP.439.00). I’m more inclined to go with the car which also comes with a remote control but Ryan has always been a fan of heavy machineries so I’m not surprised him choosing over the car.


Mommy: Ryan, why you chose the bulldozer over the car. I thought you like mini cooper?

Ryan: But I like the bulldozer.

Mommy: Why? It’s not fun…

Ryan: It’s fun Mommy. We can go to the beach with this.

Mommy: o-o-o (beach???)

I also bought some new tops for the boys. I particularly like this McQueen t shirt I bought for Ryan @ RM49.90. It’s not exactly a bargain but I’m a sucker of cute goodies. See the top right McQueen patch? It will blink the moment it detects movements, How cool is that eh…


3 thoughts on “Bob the Builder”

  1. Mydear sells big cars too? got BMW or not? Cos i went once for Mydear warehouse sale in Puchong..didnt notice wor.

    I got blink blink shirt from Babyland (Mcqueen) for Philip at rm20 less. Quite similar to what u got.

    Btw, Philip would also go crazy with the bulldozer. He has the caterpillar truck at home already.

  2. he looks much more taller now… ya.. since he is the one who will ‘drive’ … let him chose himself as we will not going to ‘sit’ on this big car…hahah..”Fun” defination is not same as ours :) Sure he enjoy a lot ya…

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