Darren at 7th and 8th month

Lil B @ 8 months 2 days

4 Sept 2010 – Genting Highlands


Woot! Where has all the time gone. Lil B is already 8 months. 4 more months, he’ll graduate from a baby to a toddler.

A recap of his little milestones:

@ 7 months / @ 8 months

Weight: 9.7kg / 10kg now

Height: 70.5cm / 72cm

HC: 46cm / 47cm

Physical Dexterity

Lil B has a pair of strong legs. When he was 7 months or so he started to stand strong on both feet. He could pull himself up from the cot, our bedside effortlessly. When we put him in his playpen when we were having dinner, he would attempt to pull himself up too (playpen is a little bit higher than the cot).

He started creeping when he was around 6 months. He was already pretty mobile then. Now that he is two months older, he is able to crawl on four, sit unsupported (7 months), that he’s a so much an independant little baby now.

When on the stroller, he no longer wanted to lie down 45degree. He prefer to sit up admiring his surrounding.


He is so much more vocal now. Just few days ago, the way his tone sound kinda mimic as if he’s communicating something with us. No more incoherent cooing. Now, he will look at us in the eye and start bleh bleh blah blah Ooo Ooo ehhh ehhh in a very loud tone. So ultra cute.

Lil b is also much more aware of his surrounding. He can turn to the source of sound accurately and if it happens to be something related to food, he will start cooing until he is allowed to try. Such a funny boy.

He said (I believe) his first work ‘Mum Mum’ when he is hungry.  It’s hard to confirm whether it was mere coincidence or not but lil b always say ‘mum mum’ when he’s hungry or when I put him in his walker during food time.

Lil b is very easy on food. He is not picky, unlike his kor kor. When he sees us eating he will go ‘Mum Mum’, ‘Mum Mum’ until we let him try our food. Maybe that explains why he likes to put things into his mouth. Ryan is much more behaved when it comes to  in that sense. He never gone through a phase whereby he will put items into his mouth. So, that said, Lil B is definitely a more handful baby to watch. 

Lil B used to be a heavy thumb sucker but he stopped doing that when he turn 7 months. Maybe he realise his fingers (usually thumb) is not so yummy afterall as compared to the toys, remote controls, phones, even diaper.

In terms of characteristics, he is the opposite of Ryan. Ok, maybe it’s still too early to tell but the traits are pretty evident to note. Lil B is slightly more difficult to manage. Difficult to manage in the sense he is more stubborn than the kor kor. His temperament is also poorer than kor kor’s. He gets cranky and will coo non stop when his demands are not met (ie when he did not get to taste his remote controls, when he did not get enough sleep, when he did not get to eat what we eat, when he is put in the playpen or walker, etc etc) . With that said, Lil B is definitely not a crying baby. I think in the span of 2 months, the only time he cried was when he fell from the bed. What happened was, I had asked Loida to keep an eye on Lil B (who was on the bed) while I was gone to the loo. Ryan was having his snack then next to the bed. Suddenly I heard a loud bang and next followed was Lil B’s loud wailing. Before I could ran out from the washroom, Ryan dashed in and start reporting narrating to me what happened. Apparently, Loida had turned away to attend to Ryan while Lil B was behind her on the bed. In split seconds, lil B topple over the pillow and fell down. Loida claimed she managed to grab Darren so he was not badly hurt and did not knock his head. I asked Ryan to narrate to me what exactly happened and I was told Darren fell, hit the bed side and down the floor. Darren cried pitifully with so much tears. I have not seen him with so much tears. I carried and hugged him to give him the security he much needed. Soon, he stopped crying after a short while. Phew. I checked him and monitored him for the next 48 hours. All’s good. I gather he was in dire shock then. Poor boy. Luckily our playroom floor is all fully matted and the bed wasn’t very high either so I was not too worried. But then again, I was furious at Loida’s carelessness. I hope she learned a good lesson. Seem like no kids can escape falling off bed as part of their growing process.


No changes. Still as bad. I wonder when he is going to sleep at normal hours like most babies. Here’s his typical schedule.

10am – Wake up

12noon – Nap for an hour

2pm/3pm – Nap for 2 hours +

7pm/8pm – Nap for an hour

11pm / 12mn – Calls it a night

7am – Milk fix

10am – Wake up and back to routine (I have no problem of him waking up at 10am :P)

Lil B is getting heavier by the day. Nowadays I use the sling pouch to sway Lil B to dreamland. When he is sleepy he will get very cranky, moving about restlessly in hope to find a comfy position to sleep. Coincidently or not, he usually calms down when I sing him the ‘Time to sleep now‘ song. I find a lot of joy and contentment with him sleeping in the pouch, so close to me that I could smell his baby smell and hear his breathing. I feel utterly blessed and grateful to be blessed with two healthy little cutie angels in my life.


Lil b has 6 teeth now. He cut first tooth (bottom left central incisor) on 22nd July. It was the day I first felt the roughness on his gum when cleaning his mouth. Susequently another 3 teeth erupted when lil B was between 6 – 7 months (bottom right incisor, followed by the top 2 central incisor. The top ones erupted about the same time) and another 2 teeth (top right and left lateral incisor) in his 7 months +. 6 teeth is the span of 1 months plus. One can easily imagine the crankiness. Thanks to the Teething Tablets. I think that helps.


Touch wood. So far so good. Lil B is very adventurous with his choice of food.  He eats whatever I prepared for him. His typical intake as follow:

10am - Breakfast -  Cereal with milk, Cereal (Heinz Apple Cereal, Heinz Oatmeal). Sometimes he will munch on what I eat for breakfast ie bun, cakes, bread, pao. He had no preference.

11am – 6oz of milk

1pm – Lunch – Cereal with fruits + Milk

4pm – Snack – Rusks, Biscuits, (basically he snack on anything we snack) + Milk

7pm – Porridge with dish (so far he has tried brocolli, cod fish, spinach, minced pork, chicken, sweet potato, pumpkin. + Milk

9pm – Fruit (Apple or Pear)

* Other junk food lil B had tried – BBQ dried pork, Famous Amous Cookies, Prawn Crackers, Cakes, and whole lot of others….

Kor Kor and DiDi

Generally Darren is a happy baby. He smiles easily and is always smiley. He will usually get cranky when he is hungry or sleepy but he hardly shed a tear. For this, Ryan calls his Didi Tickle Boy. He used to call him ‘Bounce’ because according to Ryan, Didi was like a ball - bouncing here and there (he meant active moving and rolling here and there).

Ryan likes to act silly in front of Didi too. The former will be running around the playpen, behaving like a monkey in his supposedly attempt to make Didi happy. True enough, this lil B always squel in delight while watching kor kor little funny stunts.

Lil B likes to play with Ryan’s toys. Regardless how we temp and distract him with toys his age, he will still crawl toward Kor Kor if he sees Kor Kor playing with his Lego, Blocks, Cars, Ultraman, etc.

4 thoughts on “Darren at 7th and 8th month”

  1. forbidden toys mah… same as kelsey lo…

    well, in order to get him to sleep early, need to wake him up early and re-arrange his sleep time.. anyway, since you are now SAHM, it’s ok to sleep at 12am, hehehe… dont need to drag yourself up to work mah and also can nap in between…

    I think with baby no 2, we are always more relax, I can see that lit B eats lots of other junk food that we would otherwise forbid him to eat if he were first born. Kelsey eats lot of junk food too, incl. fries. He absolutely loves fries. Malaika, on the other hands, only started eating fries sometimes after 2 years old.

    Love Darren’s big bright smile.. muak..

  2. eh he so cute la with his lil teeth all showing. and kor kor so cute making his lil didi laugh. ah.. so nice right to have both of them playing together ;)

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