Mommy, you still love me?

@ 4 years 6 months 3 days

Some conversations Ryan and I had.

This conversation happened after I scolded him for misbehaving.

Ryan: Mommy why you scold me?

Mommy: Mommy scolded you because mommy loves you, mommy cares about you. If I don’t love you, I won’t bother. I’ll let you hurt yourself, let you misbehave.

Ryan: You scolded me because you love me?

Mommy: Of course. You don’t see mommy scold ‘friend yyy’ or ‘friend xxx’ do you?

Ryan: Only their mommy will scold them?

Mommy: yes….

So these days when he gets upset after being reprimanded, he would come up to me and ask:

Ryan: Mommy, you love me or not?

Mommy: Of course

Ryan: You scold me because you love me?

Mommy: Yes baby

Ryan: I want mommy sayang

Mommy: Okay okay (hug)

Yes, Ryan still wants mommy to hug whenever he gets upset. He still like to wipe his tears on mommy’s shirt because he could quiet down.

Ryan: (wail… wail … wail after being scoled)

Ryan: I want mommy sayang (wail wail wail)

Mommy: Keep quiet first or else mommy won’t sayang

Ryan: I can’t… I can’t keep quiet. I’m too sad. I want mommy to sayang while I’m crying. I want mommy to sayang with my tears

Mommy: Ok Ok (hug)

Ryan: See my tears mommy.. see my tears on mommy’s shirt? (smile right away)

Mommy: O-O-Oooo

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