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Hot Bed Therapy @ Ecoparadise

My MIL raved about the ecoparadise’s hot bed therapy (rejuvenation anti oxidant therapy) awhile back. So when Groupon offered the deal at RM40 for 4 sessions, I simply could not resist especially so after I read about its anti aging benefits.

We chose the Frasier Business Centre for our sessions.


This dimly lit room has 4 “beds” with room temperature showing 45C. We were given two towels and a tumbler of plain water. The bigger piece of towel is for us to lay it on the darker tiles where we are supposed to lie flat on our back. Feel free to switch position ie to each sides. We were to place the smaller towel on the head rest. Remain on lying position for 45 minutes. If you are adventurous, you can lie down on the floor without the towel. It really depends on your own threshold. I prefer with the towel.


After being “baked” for 45 minutes, we adjourned to the waiting lounge to cool / normalise our body temperature before proceed for shower.




Cold enzyme drink for each of us after our shower. To my pleasant surprise, it tasted pretty good. I’ve tasted worse. Yums…


Normal rate


Conclusion after 4 sessions of anti oxidant rejuvenation therapy:
- Hubby said it helps relieve his muscles aches
- we both felt good after a good session of sweating out
- I do not see any evident benefits on myself apart from a feel good session (psychological I think)

So will we be back? Probably yes, but not at their full published rate. I’ll wait for their next deal. :D


Ryan’s latest craze

@ 4 years 11 months 6 days

Lately this little boy of mine is into cycling. Since he has outgrown his 2 years old bike which we bought for him from Kiddy Palace (SIN), we bought him a new one from Carrefour 2 weeks ago after his swimming lesson. The bike cost us RM295.00. I didn’t know kiddy’s bike is so expensive nowadays. Anyway, his wish is his Daddy’s command. So a bike he got… Btw, he chose the color (yellow).


That’s my boy. Showing off his new bike and his new watch (we got him a watch so he’ll be more aware of the time/schedule). He wore the watch day and night 24/7, even to sleep. 2 weeks later, the watch is sitting at a corner. When I asked him how come he’s not wearing his watch anymore, he said “so that we don’t waste water and soap washing it if it’s dirty“. >-o-o< So his evening routine now includes cycling and lately he’s added badminton into his favourite sports now especially after I bought him 2 new rackets recently. ((he will cycle/plays the badminton with YehYeh/Kakak, while Lil B and I go for our evening stroll). The rackets are actually gifts for his achievement in completing “A card” level @ BaoBei. Each level has about 80 – 100 chinese words (He knows more Mandarin words than his parents). He’s finally into “B card” now. I bought the rackets at a discounted RM5.90 each from Mydin. Good buy eh.. I don’t feel a slight heartache at all when I see him drag or drop the racket on the floor. Hehehe….

How we celebrated Valentine’s Day 2011

Eversince our courting days, we would join the crazy buzz to celebrate Valentine’s Day, 14 Feb 2011. Well, to be honest, hubby is more of a realistic man. He is like many others who deemed the day as just like any other day. So why contribute to the retailers’ pocket right.  Truth to be told, to some certain extent, I too feel the occasion is over blown with too much hype but what the heck. I do like the idea knowing hubs wouldn’t mind spending the time, effort and moolah just to make his wife happy and extra special on this day. Blek.. Spending money is always therapeutic I guess.

14Feb11 – Massive jam along Jalan Sultan Ismail, so camwhore a bit here.


So near yet so far


Finally…..arrived at Zipangu. We wanted to book for Lafite but they were fully booked since January!!!


Their Valentine’s Day menu… which we didn’t order because we don’t really fancy their selection.


Moet & Chandon to go with our meal. Wanted to order their Macallan 12 but since we have bottles at home, we decided to go for their champagne.


The day is not complete without the perfect pic, right… :D


 We took our own sweet time to eat, chit chat while sipping icy cold champagne. We got home at about 11pm and both kids were already asleep. Bliss.

For the record. No, I didn’t manage to get hubs any gift but he did get me a ring which is supposed to be my 6th year Anniversary + Valentine’s gift. :D



Happy Valentine’s Day…