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The Two Milk Monsters…

Ryan @ 5 years 2 weeks 5 days

Lil B @ 1 year 3 months 1 week 6 days


My two boys are absolute milk monster. Even Ryan, at his age, still drinks about 4 * 120ml milk each day.

Picture says it all…… (I know, don’t ask me why the big monster is still using the bottle).



Each has their ‘security/comfort toy ‘ tucked by their side. “Green” – Ryan, “Handky” – Lil B’s. Lil B has no particular preference on which handkerchief, yet.

The contented happy look after milk

Little B at 15 months

Lil B @ 15 months

Height: NA

Weight: 12kg


Boy, lil B is a 15 month toddler now. Here’s a summary of lil B’s development in the last 2 months

Teeth: I think he has like 12 now. In the last 2 weeks or so 4 teeth sprouted from his tiny gums. My poor baby was so cranky in the process.


His tiny steps are more stable. Often, he is seen “running” or walking at fast speed. He has no problems climbing up the bed and chairs. Many times he was caught standing on the red/green chair unsupported. I lost count the number of times I had to dash to him for rescue.

Lil B is also getting better at self feeding. He’s very interested in food, a true foodie. During meal times, he’s given his bowl and spoon, filled with tiny bites of his food. He started doing that since he was 13 months. Now he’s pretty much mastered the skill. Still pretty messy but he’s getting there. He’ll be busy scooping and feeding himself away while Loida feeds him his food on the high chair. Hopefully by doing that consistently, he will learn to sit through his (our) meal; unlike his kor kor who is so spoilt when it comes to meal time (another post on that).


His sleeping pattern is pretty predicatble now. Typically here’s his schedule

6.30am – Rise and shine

8.30am – Breakfast

9.30am – Nap for 1 – 1.5 hours

12noon – Lunch

2.30pm – Nap for another 1 – 1.5 hours

6pm – Dinner

7.00pm – Outdoor / Strolling

9pm - ZzzzzZZzzz….

** Lil B takes his milk every 3 hours

Enrichment Class

Seeing Lil B’s interest in music, I signed him up with Kindermusik. He started his first lesson in April. This term’s theme is ‘Rythym of the Day’. There are a total of 8 * 45 mins accompanied session for a fee of RM384 (inclusive of a book, a toy and a CD). The fees is slightly on the expensive side but I really like the centre – clean and spacious. The teacher Ms Cindy is also a very nice lady. So I guess it’s money worth spending.

Other Likes

Lil B started showing interest on the idiot box post Ryan’s birthday party when we played the party video. He could watch the video intently for a good 10 minutes. He is especially interested in the scene he was in. We caught him smiling while watching at his own ‘performance’ a few times. From then on, he started expanding his interest to other video. His current favourite is the Baby Genius: Favourite Nursery Rhymes (used to be Ryan’s favourite too).

I tried to practise some cards flashing with him but he showed zero interest and was unable to focus. So I just left it as it is. I have put him on the Shichida wait list. Hopefully Lil B will be ready by then.

He must have seen us doing it countless times that whenever he picks up the thermometer he wants to take our temperature (though not always pointing at the right place). My lil B… he simply adores his kor kor.