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Shark fin soup

Ryan @ 5 years 5 months

While I was flipping through Ryan’s school workbook, I chanced upon the topic of shark being one of the endangered species which I believe they will be covering soon.

Our conversation below..

Mom: Do you know what’s shark fin soup?
Ryan: Yes. It’s a type of soup.
Mom: *duh* Have you tried shark fin soup before?
Ryan: No. But I know it’s a type of soup that has fire at the bottom of the bowl. It’s the soup that you always order at the restaurant. Right mommy?
Mommy: *oopsss.. *

Shortly later…

Mom: Remember the video clip I showed you on how shark fin was removed?
Ryan: I know.. Mommy. *eyes glued to iPad*
Mom: How? *irritated he wasn’t paying attention to my question*
Ryan: They catch the shark, cut the fin and throw the body back into the sea.
Mom: Ok.. So you think we should stop eating shark fin?
Ryan: *excited* NOOO!!! because sharks are bad, they are scary, they eat human and I want to kill all of them.
Mom: O-o-o

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