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A Cut on Ryan’s Lips

@ 11 months 3 weeks 5 days


I came home to find MIL wiping blood from Ryan’s mouth. The story is like this. Apparently my baby had slipped, fell flat and cut his own lips while practising his walk-walk at nanny’s place this morning.

After so many hours by right the wound should have dried up so when MIL saw Ryan drooling blood she panicked and suggested I visit the paed. I assured her it could merely because Ryan had rubbed his lips to something and caused friction to the wound. Afterall, the cut was on the outside centre of his lips (top and bottom). That explains how easy it is to bleed again. Heehee.. MIL is like me, always kan-cheong.. the better be safe than sorry type.

Anyways, nanny’s side of story is that Ryan had stepped on his PJ pants, unable to balance and fell. Huh?? I don’t understand how could that be possible when the PJ that I put on Ryan last night was infact a bit short wor.. Hmmm.. nvm la. Just hope this lesson will teach nanny to be more careful. Must drop some hints to her tomorrow. **Blehhh**

From my naked eye the cut wasn’t too deep so I was pretty relieved and therefor have again concluded the lack of need to bring Ryan to paed. This time round I am pretty calm (Yeh!!) Maybe partly because I have kinda anticipated no baby can survive the walking phase without any bumps and falls. It’s part of a baby’s growing process. Just hope the little *accidents* would not warrant any need to see the paed.

Ryan showed no signs of distress nor being in pain. Was happily messing up with his toys as usual though blood was seen dripping onto his top (suspect his sleepmate is the culprit). Was a painful sight to watch… afterall, it’s BLOOD!! So I quickly first aided Ryan. Ran through his hanky with cold water and held it to the cut area on his lips (centre top and bottom) to stop the bleeding. As expected Ryan was very against it so I have to repeat the process a few times while distracting him with other things. So difficult to trick this baby nowadays.

Poor baby… Recover fast fast fast ya…..

Poor baby in ZZZz-land (sob…think a bit swollen at the centre)

Spoilt with Toys

@ 11 months 3 weeks 4 days

Last week we went to 1U with the objective to get some toys for Ryan – also wanted to get him something inconjunction with his birthday next week. But then we walked round and round the shops finally we caught ourselves in our own dilenma. We just don’t know what to get for Ryan. More books? Toys? He already has most of the toys for his age group until hubs actually *nagged* me for buying too many toys for Ryan. See what I mean….
The mess in the room…

Can you spot Prince Rascal?

Cheeky baby!!

Peek -a- Boo — Take 1

Peek-a-Boo — Take 2

**I wonder where is the best place to shop for educational toys.. (hmm.. besides Singapore)

Molar Surfaced

@ 11 months 3 weeks 3 days

Ryan’s molar has finally surfaced. They say some babies may experience exquisite pain and swelling during molar teething. I am not sure if I have witnessed that on Ryan but the myth on ear pulling was evident though as he was seen scratching his right ear on several occassion. Anyways, it was during the ride to 1U yesterday morning that I saw Ryan’s pearly molar (right) on his gum and this evening while cleaning his mouth, I saw another tiny white dot on his left gum (likely the left molar is also cutting out). No wonder so cranky these days.

I do not know whether it was my imagination or what.. somehow I find my boy has grown so much over the last few weeks. He is now able to walk independently, he is now able to play by himself for a long time and amazingly able to play with his toys the way they should be played. He also loves his playing balls so much that he will walk with his two hands occupied by them.. at time he will show you a little trick by bouncing the ball on to the ground, pick it up and bounce it again and again. His sleeping habit has also improved. On a few occassion, he even slept on his own without any stimulation (patting/lullabies) from mummy. Ooh… I do miss his baby-hood days (Sasha.. I couldn’t agree with you more)
Lately I realised Ryan somehow learnt to enjoy his car seat ride, he is now able to entertain himself by looking out the window watching and pointing the passing trees, buildings, cars what not.. then he’ll start ‘Eh, Eh, Eh’ expecting you to look to the direction and respond. In addition, he is also more willing to sit patiently while enjoying his drink (usually Ribena). And at times he simply just stare blank outside the window in deep thoughts (I assume happily day dreaming there.. :P) … as shown below.. Heehee…

Cheeky boy can’t get enough of one of his sleep mates.

Ryan playing with his newfound toy – Pull Along Phone.

Ryan’s typical past time… either flipping his books or messing with his toys

Uninvited *invader* in my dessert

@ 11 months 3 weeks 2 days

We went to Spring Garden in Mid Valley for dinner Saturday evening. The restaurant was unusually packed due to the current food promotion they’re running and you can see the workers were stressed out due to the increased patrons to their outlet.

The promo of RM10.80 per dish was no big deal. The portion was very small, sufficient for two pax probably and the waiting period for the food to be served was simply intolerateable. Towards the end, while enjoying my dessert, suddenly I saw this…….

Yes… that was Prince ‘Siu Keong’ (little cockroach) in my bowl of dessert. Arrghh!!!! When I summoned the captain over, she apologised (though no apologetic look on her face) and volunteered to change to another bowl. Siao!! I think it will be a while before I revisit them for meal….

Disciplining an Emotional Baby

@ 11 months 3 weeks

Yoohooo.. Ryan finally gets the clean bill. When I sponged him earlier, I noticed the rashes are all gone. I’m so glad and thankful that he’s back to his hyperactive self.

I am not sure if it was really Roseola. I’ll confirm with paed when we check in again next week for MMR jab. Then I’ll be able to share more on that bit.

Well, well, Ryan will turn 1 year old in about a week’s time. At this phase, I couldn’t emphasis more the need to incorporate ‘good discipline’ into Ryan’s upbringing. Being a parent is really not easy. I always question myself if my way of bringing up Ryan is the right way, if not the best. I am glad to have gone into blogosphere. I got to know so many blogger parents that are not stingy in sharing their experience. I’ve learnt so much from them. Thanks!

Back to my little rascal. Ryan has become such a emotional baby these days. When he was still the little blur baby, he could easily get away regardless what he did wrong just by flashing his cheeky smile to us. Now that he is a toddler soon, we just have to be more firmed with him.

Nowadays instead of his cheeky smile, he flash us his pitiful cry instead. A slight raise of voice he’ll start his Mmm-Mmm-Mmm (pitiful crying) episode. Aaahh.. He’ll turn to the supposedly firmed mummy, hold tight, rest his head on mummy’s shoulder and start Mmm-Mmm-Mmm (those pitiful cry). What happened after then? Mummy stroke stroke and ‘sayang’ the crying baby again leh… Aiks.. who can resist a “manja” baby???

The whole idea of disciplining Ryan is really not intended to punish him, rather it is with the objective to teach him what is right and what is wrong. No parent wants their baby to go up a spoilt brat, do they?

On the other hand, sometimes I just wonder if I have been too stern with Ryan and that contributes to the reason why he favours everyone else in the house better than his mummy (so sad). Even Linda (my maid) is observant enough to share with me last night that she could see my little monster is scared of his mummy. Why? Why? Why? Am I such a scary mummy? No choice leh.. somebody has to be the disciplinary teacher in the house.

Ryan likes to flip through his board books nowadays. After flipping through them, he’ll keep them all back into the yellow bag

The prince decides his own sleeping position