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Little Drummer in the Making

@ 1 year 2 months 1 week 5 days

Ryan develops this special interest in balloons, basket balls, footballs, guli, anything round in fact. He just loves playing with them. Imagine the very first word he would say the moment he wake up will be – “ball”; the second word also “ball” and he’ll go ball ball ball….. until we give him the balloons/balls in his cot.

When it comes to malling, the word that never leaves his mouth is – “ball.. ball.. ball..ball.. balllllllll” and he’ll point to us the balloons, balls, and whatever whatever round shape figures he spotted in the mall. Thank goodness nowadays he longer gets cranky when his wishes/desires for one were not met. Pretty manageable now. Probably knowing he has tons of them at home.

Frankly I must salute my son. His eyes can be really sharp that he could spot the most hidden ball or balloon which we adult would have easily missed. I must say eversince I became a mom, I’ve changed so much just for the sake of keeping Ryan happy. Example, I never thought this would happen to me before but nowadays if I see another baby holding on to a balloon, I’ll actually peer my eyes attempting to spot logo printed on the balloon in hope to figure out who actually gives them out (for free) so I’ll know where to source in case my son fuss for it. *slap head*

When I say Ryan really loves his balloon.. I meant it. Check out what stunt he’ll perform with his two balloons. A clip of a little drummer in the making.

Ryan’s First Passport Picture

@ 1 year 2 months 1 week 3 days

We brought Ryan to KLCC last Sat to have his passport pic taken. Check out the serious look on the usual little cheeky boy of mine. Daddy was carrying him while mummy became the clown behind the camera man trying to get the little one to stay focussed. Very obvious from the pic, Ryan did not find the mummy funny at all. :P

Ryan behaved really well throughout the process. Somehow we tend to worry too much that he will be cranky, will not cooperate, will not do this, will not do that.. but he always surprises us with just the total opposite. It’s exactly what happened when we brought him for his haircut last time. So cooperative, so behaved. Well done baby.

Ryan’s Tender Loving Side

@ 1 year 2 months 1 week 1 day

Being the only toddler at home, it’s hard for me to gauge how well Ryan behaves when another little one is around. So, the only source of info as such would be from nanny who also baby sits her niece who is 6 months old. Last week nanny shared with me Ryan’s tender loving side stories. According to nanny, she never taught Ryan these but somehow Ryan knew what to do at times as such. He must had picked it up unconsciously from nanny. What happened was last week, nanny spotted Ryan shoving the pacifier into the baby’s mouth whenever she cries. If the crying does not stop, Ryan would then pat pat the baby girl’s chest softly, and then knock his head towards the girl’s. Well, in case you’re wondering why knocking the head, head2head knocking is actually Ryan’s way of showing his love since young. Whenever we say the word sayang example, ‘sayang’ mummy, ‘sayang’ daddy, Ryan would knock his head towards ours. Nanny said she spotted Ryan doing that on several occassions so it’s not a fluke shot afterall. When I learnt that, I feel so proud of my little baby. So sweet; not quite the little monster at all……….. Maybe he’s really for a little DiDi/MeiMei? Blehhh….

Pic below taken yesterday @ KLCC

Ryan’s Immunisation Schedule

I posted on Ryan’s Hep A vaccine earlier. Some mommies asked me how come Hep. A is not listed on their schedule. I guess different paed would have different interpretation of the need of which vacine is compulsory and which is good to have. Below is Ryan’s immunisation list which I’ve been following. Hope it serves a good reference for all….

BCG – @ birth
Hep. B – 1st dose @ birth; 2nd dose @ 1 month; 3rd dose @ 6 months
Triple Antigen + Polio + Hib – 1st dose @ 2 months; 2nd dose @ 3 months’ 3rd dose @ 4 months
Pneumoccoccal – 1st dose @ 2 months; 2nd dose @ 4 months; 3rd dose @ 6 months
MMR – @ 1 year
Chicken Pox – @ 13 months
Hep. A – 1st dose @ 14 months; 2nd dose @ 20 months
Anti Flu – 15 months (repeat yearly)
Booster Triple Antigen + Polio + Hib – @ 18 months
Anti Meningoccocus – Over 2 years
MMR Booster – 4 years
Booster Triple Antigen + Polio + Hep B – @ 6 years
Booster Triple Antigen + Polio + Hep A – @ 12 years
BCG – @ 12 years

Misbehaved Kiddo

@ 1 year 2 months 2 days

I tried not to split hair when Ryan throws a tantrum. Afterall, he’s still a baby and discipline is still new a new word in his dictionary but I really could not contain my frustration when he showed his antics at the restaurants two nights in a row. Arrgghh… how to not get more white hair over such meltdown???

Went to Mdm Kwan, MV for dinner.
**He rejected the high chair – Fine
**He was busy vocalling EH, EH, EH, Mm, Mm, Mm loudly in the restaurant – Fine
**He kept saying mum-mum, mum-mum – Fine
**Took a few spoons and rejected the remaining cereals I prepared – Fine
**Kept insisting he wants my nasi lemak – Fine
**Fed him nasi lemak, spat everything out and whined – Fine
**Screamed, threw a tantrum, arching his back, wriggled left right, insisting to come down and wander around – NOT FINE!!!!. How to let him go alone. Arrghhh…

It doesn’t helped when the rest of the restaurant patrons were exchanging gestures on the misbehaved toddler on mine. So so so…. embarassing. Sob..

Went for Father’s Day Celebration at Pik Wah Restaurant

**Wanted to play with chopsticks – Fine
**Almost poked mummy with chopsticks – Fine
**Played drum with chopsticks – Boiling mad but still FINE
**Insisted the balloon (yeah.. many decorated balloons hanging on the side panel) – Fine. Got one from the captain (white color)
**Rejected the food I prepared again – Fine
**Refused to be carried by Linda and kept pointing at mummy – Pitiful so still fine
**Insisted he wants a pink balloon and not the white one – NOT FINE…too demanding liow!!! Last straw and really tested my patience.

When we got home I was still frustrated. So I pinned the little fella down on bed. He was wriggling badly for freedom of course but I remained firm and tried to reason with him of what he did at the restaurant earlier. I am not sure if he understands what the mummy was babbling but he stared straight into my eyes during the whole episode and actually laid still throughout the few mins. I hope he gets my message loud and clear this time. After I released him, I prop him up, asked him to open up his hand and gave him three slaps on his palm (not painful la.. ) and told him this time mummy punished him lightly for first time offender (blekkk) but next time if it happens again, mummy will piak piak. He ran away……………. *slap head*

Pic below of Sean and Ryan, budding like honey to bee….