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We Found Our Home

@ 15 months 6 days
We drove down to SG on Friday morning 5am. Yes.. it was 5am! Hubs and I had planned for an early journey so Ryan could sleep in the car. He was awake when we strapped him on his seat but after a long silence (still blur and half awaken I guess) he finally dozed off at about 5.30am and only woke up at 7.15am. By then we almost reached the second link. Hooray!!
It was still too early to check in to the hotel, so we visited our cousin instead who stays just around the corner. It was also Ryan’s first met wit his two cousins, Rene and Ryan (yeah.. another Ryan). Initially I was expecting Ryan to bond with lil Ryan as they are only 5 months apart but I was wrong. Ryan hit it straight away with Rene (3 years old) instead, maybe because they are both super energetic babies when it comes to play. One was busy digging out toys, one was busy exploring. They definitely made good partners in crime. :P
Anyways, while they played in my cousin’s place, hubs and I went to do some serious business – house hunting. MIL (yeah.. PILs tagged along this round) stayed back to keep an eye on Ryan. Ding Ding Dong Dong, by the time agent showed us the 5th unit we were already like walking zombies. Desperate for rest!!!

By the end of the day, we finally zoomed down to two units in EastCoast and TaoPayoh area respectively. Both commanded the same rental. For me, I like the unit in EC for the size of 1600sqft with 4 rooms (eyes blink blink) but I must agree with hubs, the place is very inconvenient for one have to rely on call-cab and shutte services to get around. Even if we get a car, it’s either hubs or me would have to bear the inconvenience cos for obvious reason we’ll only have one car. The unit in TP comes with smaller space but is surrounded with good amenities, MRT, bus services, cab services all within walking distant and it’s very near hubs’ work place too. So, the decision was made. Our tenancy agreement actually starts from 1st Aug – and we have to agree to that else the unit will be snapped by other willing tenant. That’s how hot the property in SG now. I read on the paper over the weekend, property in SG hits 10 year high. We’re definitely going there at the wrong timing. Likewise two years back we could get a bigger unit in downtown with the same amount of rent we’re paying today. Sucks man!
Well, deposit paid, one mission down. We drove back to KL this morning at 6am. Again, my angel Ryan slept for like 2 hours in the car and we reached home around 10am. Pretty fast as there were not many cars on the road at such early hours. Not sure when is our next trip down, probably 1st week of August to collect the keys to our new home and to get some new furnitures! Wish us luck……..

Ps: Sorry daddies & mommies out there, I may not have the time to drop my foot prints in your blog all the time, but I’ll still visit as usual…:D

During the car ride to Singapore… see how Ryan ‘kacau’-ed YehYeh

Pic taken on 21st Jul @ play area outside Crystal Jade, Paragon

The mommies; Ryan and Ryan

The daddies; Rene and Ryan

15 Months Milestones

@ 15 months

Ryan turned 15th months today. As he grows I find it more difficult to track his milestones. Nonetheless, I will try to recap what I could, based on my ever reliable memory. Ahem..

Weight: Not sure, have not checked recently.. but feels heavy :P
Height: Update later
Teeth: 16 at least

Emotions and Character
Ryan is a strong will boy and will really go all out to get the things he wants. He can scream, wriggle, show you that 10 cent look, give you a fake cry, drag, pull and roll, do all things imaginable to get attention. The real cheeky boy also knows who to bully. When he is with Linda, he knows his wishes are Linda’s command. He will command Linda to go here go there, play here play there.

Lately Ryan has been very vocal. He learnt a new trick recently when he found out he could get a lot of attention by making sound effect. Example: When he sees an airplane, he’ll go Wah, Woo, OOOooo, EEeeh.. Wah Wah, Woo woo, on and on and on. When he sees a funny scene on cartoon, he’ll also go Wah, Woo, OOOooo, EEeeh.. Wah Wah, Woo woo… (sounded like katak bawah tempurung huh) as if he was so amazed, surprised with what he just saw when actual fact he would have easily seen it like umpteen times.

Ryan also picked up the salute sign from the guard. Now whenever we drive thru the guard house in the morning, he’ll raise his hand and exchange salute with the guard. He even does the same when he sees policeman on TV.

We have taught Ryan to give a hug and goodnight and recently he got the hang of it.

When he wants to be carried, he’ll open his arms wide and slant his body forward.

Language and Speech
I am not sure if I could remember all but some of the new words he picked up beside the ones from last month and the recently discovered “Weh Yo, Yo”

Weh Yo Liow (Mei Yo Liow)
Cose (Close)
Bot (Robot)
Kak (refers to Linda)

Pretty much like a normal toddler. He’s also improving in terms of his eye-leg coordination. Example: One of his fav past time lately is playing football. He acts exactly like a pro, he will put the ball in front of him, aim the ball by bending his knees a bit, then kick, run, dribble and kick, run again.

Not many changes from last month except for we started feeding Ryan fish oil and fresh juice (his all time fav is still apple juices).

Ryan loves his yogurt. He can finish the whole cup all by himself at one go. When it’s finished, he would only believe if we show him an empty cup, else he’ll be asking ‘mum-mum’, ‘mum-mum’…..

Hmm.. pretty much still the same. However so lately Ryan has a habit of waking up around 6.30am (the time Daddy normally wakes up) and will start asking for ‘mum-mum’. The blessing is he will go back to ZZzz-land after his milk so mommy could catch the extra much needed sleep.

Etc Etc nanny shared with me this morning

- One time, Ryan picked up meimei’s (the other baby nanny is babysitting) hanky and start wiping the chair (hmmm.. wait until mommy get him to do housework :P)
- Ryan will tidy up and put back the toys to its exact original spot after play (wonder how come he’s so messy at home)
- Ryan is very observant compared to the many babies she babysat before
- Ryan is very strong willed. There’s no way she could coax him to do things he refused