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Typical Weedkday Morning

@ 7 months 3 weeks

Ryan is a late baby (usual bed time 11pm – 12mn). As result, he’ll usually still in his ZZzzz-land when mummy has to scoop him up to nanny’s place in the morning. And it’s really not easy.. and I don’t mean the physical part of getting Ryan up, but the emotional heavy heart of mine for having to wake up the cutie from his sweet dreams (if he’s having one.. kekeke).

Anyway, anyway.. there were times when Ryan will wake up on his own, ready to go ‘kai-kai’ in his own definition. And yesterday morning, it was precisely what happened.

Check out the what happened yesterday morning…

and in those days when mummy has to scoop this cutie up when he is still ZZzz-ing, this is how he looks like…

Diaper Changing Woes

@ 7 months 2 weeks 6 days

Nowdays it’s been a real challenge to change Ryan into a fresh diaper. Every time I lay the little monster on bed, he will toss and turn and subsequently wiggle his way into sitting position and then he’ll mumble something that goes like this “OooooooOOoo..” followed by a big laugh “Aahh…ahhh….” – My interpretation of Ryan’s mumbling is : “YehYehYehYeh… I win.. I win… YehYehYehYeh…”

In my every attempt to keep Ryan still on bed for diaper change, clothes and what not, I’ve tried to use various items I could grab within reach to distract the little monster. They includes:

This.. this.. this….







even this…Ahh.. this mummy…

Splish Splash

@ 7 months 2 weeks 5 days

Okie la.. enough about those sad sad bye bye car story. Inspired by Sasha’s naked Jayden pics I was very determined to snap some of Ryan’s over the last weekend. I think the last time we managed any bathing photos was during my confinement month when I wasnt the one bathing Ryan… Phew.. time flies. Ryan is now quite a handful during bath time. Super hyper. I wonder if all babies are the same.

Countdown to City-less Days

@ 7 months 2 weeks 5 days

It is this gloomy Tuesday the potential buyer of my car phoned that his loan has been approved. Our friend got really excited and wanted to collect the car tomorrow. Woo..woo.. wait. We have yet to sign the transfer forms, no undertaking letter from the bank, etc etc etc.. how to collect car??? Guess he is just being as anxious to get the car as much as the height of my depressing state of mind to face the cruel reality my City days are numbered. Aiseh.. sooo sentimental ya. Well, not as if this fact just debouched or fortuitous out of nowhere, neither it is one Ferrari nor Porsche I’m selling but still a bit sad leh…why I can’t keep two cars – one for work one for leisure? Yeahhh riiigghhtt…

Oh, many have been asking me which MPV I’m getting. Well, I’m gonna keep that answer in my heart until I get my new car likely this weekend.

Sayonara City, Moshi Moshi ‘MPV’.

I must upload some pics of my beloved City..

Note to Ryan: Cutie, you may not be old enough to remember this car but this is has been your daily weekday transport to auntie’s place..

Ryan’s Weekend Diary~

@ 7 months 2 weeks 4 days

First of all, I must thank those who sms-ed and called me over the weekend giving me valuable support for a SUCCESSFUL pureed project. I know I know, it’s not as if mummy is attempting some rocket science project but it’s challenging enough to get this mummy scratching her head.

A quick guide to Ryan’s weekend diary:

**Saturday 2 Dec 2006 (7 months 2 weeks 2 days)
- Woke up @ 8.30am, had cereal mixed with Gerber Apple Fruity followed by 5 oz of milk
- Pom-pom, handsomely dressed for a visit to Po-Po’s place
- Took an hour nap from 10.30am
- Milk – milk again
- Ryan had so much fun @ Po-Po’s place. Cousins Atiqah, Adam, Aishah and Sean were there. It was Adam’s 10th birthday. “Happy Birthday Adam”
- Had mashed potato @ Po-Po’s place (doesn’t like potato. Only took in a few spoonful)
- Home sweet home @ 5.00pm, had porridge mixed with carrot (yummy yummy.. finished half a bowl)

In the evening, went Bangsar Seafood Village for din-din. Lil Cutie fell asleep in stroller. It was one of those good days when mummy can have a ‘peaceful’ dinner without Ryan clinging on mummy like a koala seeking for attention. Phew~~

Must have been a tired night for Ryan.. cutie slept at 10.30pm

**Sunday 3 Dec 2006 (7 months 2 weeks 3 days)
Ryan still requires nighttime feeding. Well, not exactly nighttime, more like weetime feeding because he usually twist and turn for milk at around 5am-6am. Today no exception..

- Woke up @ 8.30am (Ryan is like an alarm clock, he will usually wake up between 8am – 8.30am everyday without fail)
- Today no more ‘kai-kai’ as mummy and daddy were extremely tired, so we stayed home.
- Fed Ryan cereal mixed with Heinz banana for breakfast, followed by 5 oz milk
- Took a half hour nap @ 10.00am
- Ryan was quite cranky and his body temp is still a lil warmer compared to his normal days – I sided that as teething consequences. So, that does not raised any alarm for neither of us

On this special Sunday (hahaha.. special because didn’t go kai-kai) mummy was very determined to give pureed project a deserving try. Ransacked the fridge, aiseh.. no fruits wor.. quickly asked FIL to go buy. Waited waited, finally FIL back with some apples. Oki la.. set. Try with an apple first. But.. err..err.. mummy can’t remember which blade to use. So, hv to fall back to the good old — USER GUIDE. Hee hee,,,

Daddy saw this mummy so ‘clumsy’, have voluntarily gave it a shot. So, all mummy has to do while carrying Ryan on one hand was to ask Linda (oh.. introduce.. Linda is my maid, been with us for 3 years + already) to peel off the apple skin, chop the apple coarsely and put to boil for 10 mins.

Terraaa……now you see it…

Terraaa……now you don’t…

Hehehe.. actually as you can see, still a bit leftover because by the time Mr Lim and mummy was done with the whole pureed apple process, my lil cutie was tired and due for his afternoon nap. Therefor mummy only managed to feed Ryan a bit of the pureed apple and mixed some with cereal for Ryan before he dozed off to dreamland at about 1.30pm. Hahaha.. guess what time Ryan woke up? 4.30pm !!!! Wow.. long nap. Heehee.. Mummy also did not miss the opportunity for a good afternoon nap. Ditto with Daddy.

Check out my cutie Ryan during mum-mum time..

Note to Ryan: Cutie, mummy only managed apple this weekend. Coming weekend we explore other varieties ya. Luv you.