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Milk Interupted

@ 8 months 3 weeks 2 days

Yoohoo.. Mr Lim is back (on Sunday itself) and my cutie Ryan’s mild temperature raise had also subsided.

Blog about Ryan’s newly developed skill of holding his own bottle. It happened quite often actually that Ryan would conveniently let go both hands knowing mummy’s are always there as back-up. And this mummy would usually gave in considering 7oz of milk is actually quite heavy for his tiny hands la..

Yesterday mummy decided to try out a trick with Ryan. Check it out… (notice Ryan’s left hand literally trying to snatch the milk from mummy.. so hungry meh. LOL)


(this video is an ‘interupted’ version.. arggh.. somehow youtube cant load the full version of the video. Scratch head scratch head)

Note to Ryan: Ryan, sorry.. mummy apologise for interupting your milk milk time. While you happily gooloop gooloop-ing your milk, mummy had let go of mummy’s hands. Mummy want to train you to be more independant leh. For your own good…..

Teething Blues (again?)

@ 8 months 3 weeks 1 days

Yoohoo.. Mr Lim will be back shortly.. but my beloved Ryan’s temperature is still a little on the high side compared to his normal days (37.2c). The good thing is Ryan seemed unperturbed by it and still as active as usual. So it doesn’t yet raised any alarm and mummy would expect his normal temp to return by tomorrow – if it is due to teething, usually it last no more than 48 hours based on Ryan’s past history. Pray pray.

Question is mummy still can’t see Mr Pearly No 8.. so .. not sure if it’s really due to teething. Puzzled.. (question markssss running at the back of mummy’s head). Just have to keep an eye until next morning, else will bring Ryan straight to paed (kiasu as usual, but better be safe than sorry lor).

These pics were taken yesterday. Even during one of those teething spells, Ryan is still full of energy and never failed to give us his ever big beaming smile to assure us he’s okay. Muaks-muaks.

Hand Foot Print

@ 8 months 3 weeks

Mr Lim is away for company offsite meeting at Bukit Tinggi. So mummy spent some real quality time with Ryan today. My poor baby is down with slight raised of temperature due to teething (37.3C).. yeah.. the 8th time now. He has to endure this everytime these pearly whites squeezes their way out. Sigh… Hang in there baby. You’ll be okay. Daddy away but mummy always here…

Ryan slept early after some medication. So, this mummy mo-mo-liu-liu decided to explore something which I have always wanted to get my hands on but just couldn’t find time – heehee.. not malling (hubs always say this mummy likes malling).. it’s “PHOTOSHOPPING”.

Here goes my first attempt at Lasso Tool. Not bad ma….???

(credit: pics inspired by Jazzmint)

Baby Einstein

@ 8 months 2 weeks 5 days
Yesterday for some reason I woke up with a great determination to get Ryan more educational videos for Ryan. You see.. We have bought quite a handful of videos for Ryan but of all it seems only Baby Bright is able to catch his attention and I feel really sorry for Ryan having to watch it again and again. I mean, so boring right. I know babies don’t mind repetition, but aah.. I still think it’s about time for a little exploration. So, after confirming the outlet with Dinah (I already have in mind what to buy), zoom-zoomed I rushed there during mad hours.

Ryan’s first glimpse of the show
(This camera mummy is obviously blocking his view)

Happy Smiley Face

Watch until Mor Sau Mor Keok (touchy touchy)

Figured it’s more relaxing to lay on a pillow while watching

Eyes still glued to TV after I put him on his play pen

Looking very engrossed here

This is what I bought.. and a few othersss.

New Year Pressie

@ 8 months 2 weeks 3 days
Madam Kwan Mid Valley has been our usual din din place during the weekends. As usual, Ryan is no where near settlling down on his stroller so we usually have to take turns bringing him out for a ‘walk’ outside the restaurant. When it was my turn, I brought him into Toys ‘R Us (again) – the nearest ‘entertainment’ outlet for Ryan.
Literally scrutinizing their racks (I think I can remember what toys being stacked where already…) for new toys when I came across “this” (show in pic later) which I thought hmm.. maybe I could get for Ryan wor. Frankly I don’t find it particularly useful, in fact, I must say it kinda pose a certain risk but err… nevermind la. ‘Mai Chor Sin Suen’ (buy first, consider later).
This is the so called ‘TOY’.

Damage: RM159.90

Will need to assemble all these

Patiently waiting for his new toy to be set up

Beaming Happy Smile from Ryan

Ryan can’t resist to check out his new toy

Ryan’s interest on his new gadget was short lived. His eyes were peering at something else

Ryan abandoned his new toy already. Sigh…