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Ryan is 17 Months

@ 17 months 4 days

My baby turned 17 months a couple days back. I don’t know about other parents but at this stage I find it extremely hard recap a 17 month old toddler’s development milestones for record. I mean… seriously I lost track. Anyways… I’ll try as every single word I typed today will serve as good memory for everyone’s recollection.

Physical Development- He can walk, run, jump, climb like an expert. Jumping on the bed is his fav past time now. I’m seriously worried he may jump off the bed that I have to cushion the floor with carpet now. He’s such an active baby that the only time he slows down is probably during sleep. I wonder where he gets all the energy. He should distribute some of it with his mommy so the two of us will be more equally balanced.

Language -Ryan is a friendly baby and definitely not shy. But I noticed despite being a chatter box at home, he’ll somehow transform into a quiet mouse when in front of strangers. Hmmm.. I guess he has Daddy’s traits. :P Anyways, some words he picked up this month: duck, pat pat pat (from Lil Einstein), goal, bus, close, Mi-Mi, Mommy, B, ba (bye). Poor baby didn’t learn any new mandarin word this month.

Personality wise – I think he’s able to do some rational thinking. The other day we were at the park and he saw this colorful ball (belongs to other kids who were playing nearby) on the playground. He ran to the ball and was staring at it for awhile. I know it was hard for him to resist not kicking the ball. “Ryan, the ball is not ours, and that it belongs to other kids. We will go home and play with our own balls” I told him. Then we walked away. He followed reluctantly (eyes still peering at the ball). Anyways, after a short distant, he ran back to the ball, again he stared at it.. this time I gave him a nod… (I shouldn’t but staring at the pitiful face of my son.. I just let it be even if I will get screwed by the kids’ mommy.. think they won’t la..). Well, it’s not easy to resist temptation but I’m proud at least he tried.

Sleep Habit – Eversince we came to Singapore I’ve tried to adjust Ryan’s sleeping hours to a healthier pattern. Early rise, early bed. This is also because I want him to bond with his Daddy in the morning before the latter gets to work. Poor big B only sees his son in the morning as he work extremely long hours. What to do.. cari makan. Ryan, if you’re reading this one day.. go give Daddy a big kiss who has to work so hard to earn a living for our betterment. Be a good kid ya, learn to respect and make sure you take care of us when we grow old and ugly one day. :P

7.30am – Wake up
9.30am – Prepare for nap (usually 1.5 – 2 hours). Will wake him up latest 12noon
2.30pm – Prepare for 2nd nap (another 1.5 – 2 hours). Must wake up by 5pm
8.45pm – Prepare for bed (usually will doze off by 9.30pm)

Food intake – 3 meals a day.
Morning: Milk for sure, cereal/toast/bread
Lunch: Fruit cereal / noodles
Dinner: Porridge / Rice
In between snacks: Yogurt, Smoothies, Fruits
Never missed: Scott’s Fisher Oil (original)

I bet I missed out a lot of his little little habits/developments, of which I just can’t recall all of them now. I will blog about it when memory strikes me again.

Happy 17 Months!

Pic taken: 18 Sept 2007