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You Turned 16 Months Today

@ 16 months

I have been on blog hiatus for the longest period since I started blogging. Excuse is I’ve been caught up with work and also the whole relocation prep. But today it is special indeed as today Ryan turned 16 months. So, I really want to blog something.

A recap what happened over the last one week plus:

1) Attended the mega blogger meet at Marmalade last Saturday. I was caught up with the mover in the morning and reached there almost an hour late. So sorry. Barbara (she did a super fantastic job as organiser.. next time we know who to nominate when it comes to gathering heh) initiated the gathering in conjunction with Julian’s visit to KL and also my farewell. I’m really sorry about my late arrival. Really really paiseh and thousand apologies.

I didn’t manage to take many pics as my cam was drying on batt. If any of you have pic of my little monster, please send to me can?

Ryan and cutie Jayden

All worn out after the gathering

Lovely gifts from Oscar Mummy, LaundryAmah and Shannon. Thanks gals!

After a good charge from his power nap. Pic taken at a restaurant in Selayang that serves ‘excellent’ prawn. Ryan was seen here imitating the expression we showed him..

2) The mover company sent 5 staff over to pack and upload our stuff to the lorry. A total of 33 boxes and that will cost hub’s future employer a sum of USDxxxx. Blehh…

Look at the mess in our room itself (there were more mess outside the room)

Linda and Ryan just before we left the house for the blogger gathering @ Marmalade

My FIL cum ‘supervisor’ in the background

3) Brought Ryan for a haircut on Tuesday night. Unlike the last time, this time round he was not so cooperative. He refused the protector coat and was fussing to remove it each time we put it on. In the end, I had no choice but to allow the hairdresser to trim Ryan’s hair without the protector coat and inevitably his hair were all over his clothes (and mine too!).

4) When we got home from the salon, Ryan was quickly whisked for shower. I did not use the tub as it was intended to be a quickie. He had so much fun enjoying his new found toy (the shower spray) that he refused to come out when we were all done. As it was getting late (with mummy all tired) I scooped him up after wrapping him with towel. The next 10 mins was a ghastly experience. Ryan was so out of control and inconsolable. He was holding on tight to the shower door refusing to let go (he must have got super power strength at that time), wailing and screaming his lungs out. He doesn’t want his yogurt, he refused his apple. He wanted nothing but shower shower. I have not seen Ryan so upset before. Poor baby. In the end, after much pacifying, it was ‘Baby Bright’ that came to rescue. Phew…

Poor baby. Eating his apple while watching Baby Bright here.

5) Ryan vomited once this morning and his body is a little warm today (37.3C) I hope he will be well and will not fall sick. If he does, I will have Daddy to blame and I will be very very very unhappy. Daddy is down with sore throat again (yes AGAIN) and despite my numerous reminders, he kept kissing his beloved son. Arrgghh…

6) Oh.. today Daddy sold off his first wife (Ms Alfa). Kekekeke.. so today I naik pangkat to become his one and only wife. Heehee…

7) Ryan is 16 months today. I don’t think I can do a complete milestone this time. It is getting more and more difficult….. Anyways, at the back of my mind these are some notable development:

- Ryan calls us B. (I think he picked that up from the parents. Blehhh)
- Lately he likes to stick his tongue out
- Called ‘mommy’ (only once… sigh.. ) Other times either Mi or B.
- He will pat-pat his chest when he’s scared (example, when he sees the lizard, he’ll pat- pat his chest)
- Ryan is now able to digest and comprehend the language we speak around the house. He is also able to understand simple bed time stories. Example: Must admit, mommy’s bed time stories mostly comprise of all no head no tail story line (the lights were off and there’s no book to refer ma so mommy would have to make up all the characters and story line all at same time). The stories were all half past six but good enough to cheer my little kulingchingkwai up. Usually I’ll ask “Ryan, do you want to listen to stories?” Ryan [nod, nod, nod]. As I narrate the story, Ryan would giggle and giggle.. and would easily fall asleep after I sing him a few lullabies (part of the story) :P I like the feeling that my stories are appreciated la..
- Likes to kick the blanket away at night

- Ryan would do the ‘Shhh’ sign when he doesn’t want you to speak about the things he has done.

‘SShhh… please don’t tell Daddy’

I asked nanny to help take some pictures of Ryan during the day.. here goes. The pics were not clear but the fun he had was evident…

Ryan and ‘fei mui’

Nanny, Fei Mui and Ryan

Big Business… you came so late!

@ 14 months 2 weeks 4 days

Ryan has a pretty predictable sleep schedule during the weekdays. I have actually instructed nanny try not to allow Ryan to napped passed 5pm, so during the weekdays, his sleep time is very healthy and managable. Most of the time he’ll be in ZZzz-land by 10.30pm latest. Perfect arrangement cos that’s when mommy and daddy could spend some together time / meme time /himhim time/ herher time whatever whatever… *nah… not what you’re thinking in your mind oki* Grinn…

Anyways, on those not so perfect days, like tonight, Ryan slept at 11.30pm. Why? Sigh… Big Business lor. Actually I shouldn’t be in a state of any surprise. Infact it is very predictable of the little fella.

I would usually tuck Ryan to bed around 10pm. Passed him his milk, I pretend to sleep next to him, and voila, he’ll be in ZZzz-land by the time he finishes his milk. On nights when he refused to sleep yet tired, I knew the *Big Taiko* (poo-poo) is coming – usually in the next 15 mins after we switched on the lights. Yes, it is that predictable. So sure enough, same thing happened tonight. Dee dee daa daa , after all the cleaning etc.. I looked up the time, it was 11.30pm!!! Quickly fed him some water, went through the routine of becoming the ever faithful sleep pretender, counting my fingers in the dark and asking self question.. so quiet, so quiet.. is he asleep? is he asleep? Phew.. no drama tonight, thank goodness. Ryan drifted to sleep in like minutes. Didn’t even finish his water. Sometimes he will put up a show, rolling here and there thinking he is amusing his angry faced mommy. I gather he actually get a burst of energy after the big *MMM MMM* (release). Chinese say ‘yat sun hang’ (body lighter already) therefor can jump up higher, come down faster… simply energetic :P

Okay, back to mommy. Next thing you know what happened? Here I am, in front of my machine with a badly sprained neck, blog hopping, chatting away with Malaika’s Mummy and updating my blog. Certified blogivitis (still owe this mommy a tag). Blehhh…

Pic above taken this morning (4 Jul). Sleepy head in one of his favourite sleeping posture. Love you baby….

Eating Dried Fruits

@ 1 year 1 month 3 weeks

Like any normal days I’ll drop Ryan off nanny’s in the morning and hang around a few minutes to catch up with nanny on Ryan’s progress etc etc before bidding bye bye. It’s just impossible to drop and go nowadays because the little fella would held tight to my hand refused to let go. So, have to coax him a bit, distract him with toys etc la… (until today, Ryan still refuses to wave bye-bye to his mummy most of the time. Strangeee).

Nanny: Ryan learn fast hor..
Mummy: Huh.. okay la (deep inside feeling a bit proud la..). Why ar?
Nanny: I taught him once to raise his leg when I put on his pants and he could remember it the next day. Did you teach him at home?
Mummy: (Errmm Ryan knows how to raise his leg when we undress his pants since donno how many donkey months wor..hmm, maybe dressing and undressing different leh) Err, I normally lay Ryan on bed when I put on his pants *slap head*

Ryan on the other hand was busy Eh, Eh, Eh, MM, MM, MM (pointing to the door, held up mummy’s hand insisting to go out…..). I was standing next to Ryan trying to psycho him into staying then the next thing I saw nanny pop a 10 cent size dried fruit into Ryan’s mouth. I swear I almost *pengsan* (fainted). Sooooooooo big piece!!! Nanny then assured me that Ryan has no problem chewing that size of food. Afterall, the lil fella already has like 16 teeth now. Sure enough, Ryan was seen busy chewing chewing, mouth moving left right up down, saliva all dripping giving you the yummylicious look… Oh goshh… can u imagine I still feed Ryan with pureed apple and nanny is already exposing him to all kinds of solid food. I wonder what else Ryan eats in nanny’s place. Sigh… I guess I must really learn to let go, learn to be less protective………. my son is ‘tai kor cai’ (big boy) already…..

Ps: Daddy’s off to HK this morning. MIL is also away on a 6 days holiday to Vietnam. Both will be back tomorrow. So, tonight, just me and Ryan lor….

Wrapped Around His Little Fingers

@ 1 year 1 month 2 weeks 4 days

Ryan woke up around 9am this morning. Since he woke up late we decided to go MV earlier for our groceries shopping. We didn’t get to shop much because by 12noon Ryan was seen to be agitated and restless so by 1pm we were already heading home. As expected Ryan drifted to ZZzz-land in like nanoseconds after I strapped him up on his seat. When we got home he was still sleeping despite all the commotion of unloading and bringing him up the stairs to his bed. Since Ryan was so deep in sleep, we also took the opportunity to nap. We all got up at 3pm (heehee…)

In the evening, we went out for dinner; also with the intention to keep Ryan awake so he won’t take another late nap and end up sleeping late. During the outing, Ryan got hilself yet another treat of helium balloon. We actually bought one for him already (those foil balloon) when we were in MV this morning. Actually at all times I tried not to give in to Ryan so easily as I do not want him to have the impression that by putting up a cranky face, shedding some pitiful tears would bring him anywhere near his unpredictable desires and requests. But I must say, today I gave in la .. (again). Why???

Nowadays when Ryan wanted something, he goes beyond just ‘EH, EH, EH – MM, MM, MM’ and pointing his lil index finger in hope we will get our butt up and go his way. Nowadays the little fella is very smart. He learnt a new trick. He will come to us, hold our hand, point to the direction/things he wants and he’ll use his tiny strength to pull us and manja-manja like that walk side by side while holding our hands to wherever whatever the lil fella has in mind. Fuiyoohh.. and voila in no time we’re trapped. So there goes, like some has commented on my last post, the little fella got mummy and daddy wrapped around his little fingers just like that…. It’s definitely not easy to say No to the little mischievous now as we still find his little gestures adorable and cute… but no guarantees la.. few months down the road we may just get into total ignorant phase…..

Ryan’s weekend schedule (for our record purposes)
Friday, 1 June 07
I met up with some friends for dinner (MeMe time.. ). On my way home, hubs called and told me Ryan is very sleepy and he’s putting Ryan to bed. At the back of my mind, I thought ‘Yeah right… no way he can do that’ but to my surprise Ryan was already asleep when I got home at 10.30pm. Wow.. hubs meant it. I never thought he would be able to coax Ryan to bed without me. Guess I was wrong huh… Well done B.

Saturday, 2 June 07
8.15am – Woke up
9.00am – Breakfast (Nestle Biscuits + 8 oz Milk)
11.30am – Nap
2.00pm – Woke up from nap (2.5 hrs nap!!), followed by lunch (porridge – vege, potato, meat)
5.00pm – Nap
7.00pm – Woke up from nap (2 hrs),
8.00pm – Cheras Selatan, Dinner (Mixed Fruits Cereal). In betweens, fed him our dinner – fries, asam noodles (Ryan doesn’t like spicy food).
9.00pm – Daily apple
12.00mn – ZZzz-land
** Ryan had his big business twice today. Must be the banana I fed him during dinner. Blehhh….

Sunday , 3 June 07
7.00am – Tossing around. Fed him milk and drifted back to ZZzz-land
9.15am – Woke up
10.00am – Breakfast (Nestle Biscuits = 8 oz Milk)
11.00am – Gai-Gai (MidValley)
1.00pm – Nap
3.00pm – Woke up (late lunch – porridge – carrort, fish, vege, potato)
4.30pm – Tea (Yoghut)
5.40pm – Tea (Choc Fudge Cake)
7.00pm – Cheras Selatan, Dinner (Mixed Fruits Oats). In between, fed him what we ate (Pizza) – he had pizza, mushroom soup, chicken wings as well as mummy’s pepsi float.
8.30pm – Daily apple
9.00pm – ZZzz-land

** 8oz of milk in between feeds/snacks/before sleep

Little Mischievous Baby

@ 1 year 1 month 1 week 2 days

I was doing my laptop housekeeping last night and I came across this video of Ryan taken on the 19 May recently. When I said he is one cheeky, mischievous little one, I really mean it. The video was taken when he was watching the Teletubbies on the TV. I didn’t realise he was actually looking at me thru the corner of his eyes until I replayed the video. Though Ryan’s face remained stagnant throughout the video, his eyes were definitely not. I wonder what’s on my baby’s mind – probably thinking what is wrong with this mummy, everyday want to take picture of me.. Heehee….

Take note: @ 8secs, 11secs, 25 secs.

(WARNING: PLEASE MUTE YOUR VOLUME. Owner bear no responsibilities of any consequences for not adhering to the warning. Blehhh…)

After reading some suggestions and comments on my earlier post, last night I decided to put the little kulingchingkwai on his hi chair. This is how he reacted to the confinement….. (like little king or not???) *slap head*