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Shichida’s School of Thoughts

Would like to share some of the info I gathered from the parent-teacher discussions had at Ryan’s Shichida class this morning. You may already know all these but if you don’t, may worth some thoughts:

- Mozart music is the best music for your child amongst all the other classical music. Mozart has the frequency that is able to activate one’s brain thus stimulating a better learning process. So instead of playing the music alone, you may complement mozart music in the background when initiating flash cards, or any role play activities with your kids. (I think most parents would have already know this). However for more relaxing activities such as reading time, Mozart music is not recommended. I could not remember the name of the music but is is definitely one of a softer and more calming tune.
- TV is a big NO-NO for children under 3 because that apparently slows down the speech development. They say, children who are esposed to TV at a young age may know a lot of things but they are poor in expressing themselves because no.1 TV is a one way interaction and its output frequency range is far greater than human voice. So if a child is esposed to that high range of frequency most of the time, inevitably they get immuned to the frequency thus a signal will be sent to their brain telling them to tune it at that level. And that probably explains why when you try to distract a child who is concentrating on the TV programme, s/he tends to ignore you. Chances are they are not ignoring you, they seriously could not hear us!
- Try to avoid feeding your anything sweet (incl fruits) if you do not want a fidgety and restless child esp when s/he is due for a class later (like my case!)
- Always talk to you child, regardless they are listening or not.
- Generally morning is the best learning time for children as they tend to absorb better after about 10-12 hours’ sleep.

That’s about all for now. Will share more when I learn more… :D

Misbehaved Kiddo

@ 1 year 2 months 2 days

I tried not to split hair when Ryan throws a tantrum. Afterall, he’s still a baby and discipline is still new a new word in his dictionary but I really could not contain my frustration when he showed his antics at the restaurants two nights in a row. Arrgghh… how to not get more white hair over such meltdown???

Went to Mdm Kwan, MV for dinner.
**He rejected the high chair – Fine
**He was busy vocalling EH, EH, EH, Mm, Mm, Mm loudly in the restaurant – Fine
**He kept saying mum-mum, mum-mum – Fine
**Took a few spoons and rejected the remaining cereals I prepared – Fine
**Kept insisting he wants my nasi lemak – Fine
**Fed him nasi lemak, spat everything out and whined – Fine
**Screamed, threw a tantrum, arching his back, wriggled left right, insisting to come down and wander around – NOT FINE!!!!. How to let him go alone. Arrghhh…

It doesn’t helped when the rest of the restaurant patrons were exchanging gestures on the misbehaved toddler on mine. So so so…. embarassing. Sob..

Went for Father’s Day Celebration at Pik Wah Restaurant

**Wanted to play with chopsticks – Fine
**Almost poked mummy with chopsticks – Fine
**Played drum with chopsticks – Boiling mad but still FINE
**Insisted the balloon (yeah.. many decorated balloons hanging on the side panel) – Fine. Got one from the captain (white color)
**Rejected the food I prepared again – Fine
**Refused to be carried by Linda and kept pointing at mummy – Pitiful so still fine
**Insisted he wants a pink balloon and not the white one – NOT FINE…too demanding liow!!! Last straw and really tested my patience.

When we got home I was still frustrated. So I pinned the little fella down on bed. He was wriggling badly for freedom of course but I remained firm and tried to reason with him of what he did at the restaurant earlier. I am not sure if he understands what the mummy was babbling but he stared straight into my eyes during the whole episode and actually laid still throughout the few mins. I hope he gets my message loud and clear this time. After I released him, I prop him up, asked him to open up his hand and gave him three slaps on his palm (not painful la.. ) and told him this time mummy punished him lightly for first time offender (blekkk) but next time if it happens again, mummy will piak piak. He ran away……………. *slap head*

Pic below of Sean and Ryan, budding like honey to bee….

Wrapped Around His Little Fingers

@ 1 year 1 month 2 weeks 4 days

Ryan woke up around 9am this morning. Since he woke up late we decided to go MV earlier for our groceries shopping. We didn’t get to shop much because by 12noon Ryan was seen to be agitated and restless so by 1pm we were already heading home. As expected Ryan drifted to ZZzz-land in like nanoseconds after I strapped him up on his seat. When we got home he was still sleeping despite all the commotion of unloading and bringing him up the stairs to his bed. Since Ryan was so deep in sleep, we also took the opportunity to nap. We all got up at 3pm (heehee…)

In the evening, we went out for dinner; also with the intention to keep Ryan awake so he won’t take another late nap and end up sleeping late. During the outing, Ryan got hilself yet another treat of helium balloon. We actually bought one for him already (those foil balloon) when we were in MV this morning. Actually at all times I tried not to give in to Ryan so easily as I do not want him to have the impression that by putting up a cranky face, shedding some pitiful tears would bring him anywhere near his unpredictable desires and requests. But I must say, today I gave in la .. (again). Why???

Nowadays when Ryan wanted something, he goes beyond just ‘EH, EH, EH – MM, MM, MM’ and pointing his lil index finger in hope we will get our butt up and go his way. Nowadays the little fella is very smart. He learnt a new trick. He will come to us, hold our hand, point to the direction/things he wants and he’ll use his tiny strength to pull us and manja-manja like that walk side by side while holding our hands to wherever whatever the lil fella has in mind. Fuiyoohh.. and voila in no time we’re trapped. So there goes, like some has commented on my last post, the little fella got mummy and daddy wrapped around his little fingers just like that…. It’s definitely not easy to say No to the little mischievous now as we still find his little gestures adorable and cute… but no guarantees la.. few months down the road we may just get into total ignorant phase…..

Ryan’s weekend schedule (for our record purposes)
Friday, 1 June 07
I met up with some friends for dinner (MeMe time.. ). On my way home, hubs called and told me Ryan is very sleepy and he’s putting Ryan to bed. At the back of my mind, I thought ‘Yeah right… no way he can do that’ but to my surprise Ryan was already asleep when I got home at 10.30pm. Wow.. hubs meant it. I never thought he would be able to coax Ryan to bed without me. Guess I was wrong huh… Well done B.

Saturday, 2 June 07
8.15am – Woke up
9.00am – Breakfast (Nestle Biscuits + 8 oz Milk)
11.30am – Nap
2.00pm – Woke up from nap (2.5 hrs nap!!), followed by lunch (porridge – vege, potato, meat)
5.00pm – Nap
7.00pm – Woke up from nap (2 hrs),
8.00pm – Cheras Selatan, Dinner (Mixed Fruits Cereal). In betweens, fed him our dinner – fries, asam noodles (Ryan doesn’t like spicy food).
9.00pm – Daily apple
12.00mn – ZZzz-land
** Ryan had his big business twice today. Must be the banana I fed him during dinner. Blehhh….

Sunday , 3 June 07
7.00am – Tossing around. Fed him milk and drifted back to ZZzz-land
9.15am – Woke up
10.00am – Breakfast (Nestle Biscuits = 8 oz Milk)
11.00am – Gai-Gai (MidValley)
1.00pm – Nap
3.00pm – Woke up (late lunch – porridge – carrort, fish, vege, potato)
4.30pm – Tea (Yoghut)
5.40pm – Tea (Choc Fudge Cake)
7.00pm – Cheras Selatan, Dinner (Mixed Fruits Oats). In between, fed him what we ate (Pizza) – he had pizza, mushroom soup, chicken wings as well as mummy’s pepsi float.
8.30pm – Daily apple
9.00pm – ZZzz-land

** 8oz of milk in between feeds/snacks/before sleep

Mummy Lost her Cool

@ 1 year 1 month 1 day

I just knew it’s gonna happen. As I’m typing this Ryan is already asleep but just before he did, he has to endure my punishment. Punishment? (not abuse okay) Yes.. I typed it right, you read it correctly. This is what happened.. (sorry it’s very long winded, it’s late, I’m sleepy and I just did a PPP but I just need to get this out…)

Ryan usually sleeps around 10.30pm- ish. It is consider very late for most babies. I remember there was one time a friend of mine told me.. “Wah,, your Ryan slept so little, not healthy la, cannot grow properly la. You know my baby is trained to sleep early and has at least xx hours of sleep a day” Wtf.. I don’t need anybody to tell me what is right, what is good for Ryan okay! Anyways, this post is not about the friend of mine. Maybe I’ll *biatch* abt her in another blog.

I fed Ryan milk as usual around 10.30pm. He was already half asleep when he finished his milk. Instead of continue with his sleep, he decided to wriggle around, tossing left and right, sit up and wants to go down the bed. I was very very mad, maybe in a bad mood also la.. so I slapped his bum-bum twice (want to warn him ma). Anyways, no effect, he still want to come down. After he came down, he squatted at one corner and the next thing we knew, the room was full of his poo-poo smell. Aiks.. no wonder cannot sleep la.

After cleaning him off, we allowed him to play for another 15 mins, by then passed 11pm already. When it’s bed time, again the little fella kinda merajuk EH EH EH, MM MM MM.. refused to sleep. I really lost my cool and terra, another two slaps on his diaper protected bum bum. Of course it has no effect on him cos not painful ma. Some more he could laugh and wriggle around. I was so mad, I brought him to his play room and left him there alone for a good 10-15secs with all lights off. I donno what came to me.. somehow things I read on naughty steps la, slap bum bum la, etc etc all came through my mind. *Grgghhh…* Ryan on the other hand showed no expression; think he was also very puzzled why this mummy left him in a pitch dark room (not really pitch dark, I left the door with a slit gap so there’s still light that goes in and I was just hiding beside the door la). *Blehhh*

It was not only picth dark, but pitch quiet too. I heard so sound the entire duration, when I opened the door, Ryan just sat there with his innocent face. Then no surprise… sweet good Daddy came for his rescue lor. Brought the little fella back to our room. By then, I also cooled down already. Aiyoh.. that little pitiful face, really difficult to punish and not give him to him.

Anyways, after awhile of hypnotizing the fella he was kinda stoned already, ready for a good night sleep.. (yes,, hypnotise cos I said close your eyes,,,, close your eyes… repeatedly kekeke…) then when I could finally call it day cos Ryan was really dozing off already, guess what.. good fav Daddy came around (he was not supposed to be seen during Ryan’s bed time) and asked “Sleep Already Ar”. Arrggghhhh… in like nano split seconds, the little fella opened his eyes wide already. I really did raise my voice this time to both BIG baby and SMALL baby. Thank goodness after awhile, small baby went back to ZZzz-land without making this mommy go coo-coo (mental!).

Note to Ryan: Baby, mummy just want to say sorry. Mummy is tired and you really shouldn’t stay up so late. Hope you would understand why mummy punished you this time. Mummy just want to say mummy loves you a lot. Promise mummy you’ll be good next time ya….and to Big Baby.. I know you’re tired also. Sorry I raised my voice just now. Forgive me plsssszzzzz… :P

***UPDATE: Morning

Despite a late night, Ryan woke up at 6.30am this morning. I really don’t know what to say about my son. Pictures speak a thousand words.

Ryan showed mummy this face early in the morning. You say *kesian* (pitiful) or not.. sigh…

After a while, okay already. Yawning here
(of coz yawn la, slept so late, woke up sooo early)

Scratching here and there…..

Sctretching here and there….

Having a Mind of His Own

@ 1 year 4 weeks
My goshhhh…. You know, the little fella can be so persistent when it comes to the things he want. It just amazes me of his ability to remember incidents, happenings, things that we assume he would have forgotten.
Scenario 1 tonight:
Daddy was having dinner. Instead of minggling around the dining area, tonight Ryan decided to be different. He was continuously MMM MMM MMM, EH EH EH while pointing towards the staircase. I knew he wants to go down but mummy being very lazy just ignored his babbling. The lil fella refused to give up.. continued to bleh bleh bleh… until mummy gave in and followed the big taukeh’s (boss’) instruction all the way to the car porch. I actually thought he wants to go out for a walk. But guess what… instead he pointed to the car steering wanted to get on to the driver’s seat and play!!! *slap head*
Scenario 2 tonight:
We have bought the whole range of the Ferrari collection from Shell. Of all, we noticed Ryan was paricularly fond of the F1 car out of the 6 models. However bcos of its pointy shape, I refused to let him play with that. This evening, Daddy came home with 2 more (Enzo and 360 Spider). Unlike usual, Ryan paid more attention to the piece of packaging and kept EH EH EH EH… and kept shoving the piece to Daddy. We just couldn’t decipher what he wants… We put the piece away, he EH EH EH, we passed the piece back to him, he went EH EH EH again and shoved it back to us while pointing to *gawd* knows what…. Quite a drama as we were beginning to feel a little frustrated having difficulty understanding Ryan’s gestures. Finally.. with extra bit of patience, we realised he was pointing to the F1 car picture on the piece of packaging.. To prove ourselves right, Hubs went and got Ryan the F1 car from the drawer and instantly Ryan kept silent and start playing with his beloved Zoomm Zoomm. Phew~~~
Scenario 3 tonight:
I gave Ryan a bit of Daddy’s Air Mata Kucing (Longan Drink). I find it a little too sweet so I only gave Ryan a few sips to satisfy his curiousity. Of course it’s never enough for Ryan and he continued to demand more. Again, I ignored his demands and distracted him by reminding him of sponging time (Ryan loves bath and sponging time). Ryan continued to EH EH EH, rolling to left and right throughout the whole sponging time. *Geram*… but just ignored him la. Then when Daddy came up awhile later after dinner with his fav drink, Ryan saw and without hesitation, he went EH EH EH EH, and pointed straight to the cup. Alamak~~~~~out of sight is no longer out of mind. Anyways, in case you’re wondering. No, I did not give him any extra sip of the drink. *blehhh* Mummy is that cruel….. :P
Generally Ryan is more expressive and definitely has a mind of his own now. He will show you his likes and dislikes, where he wants to go, what he wants, what he doesn’t want, what not. His language comprehension has also improved much. He could understand simple instructions and able to recognise people with their name. He knows very well who’s Daddy, Mummy, YehYeh, MaMa, Linda (maid), Po-Po, Ah Yee (my sister), Wei Wei Kor Kor, Auntie/Lai Ma, Uncle, KorKor, MeiMei (the other bb under nanny’s care)… etc.
Check out the sequence of happenings below: Pics taken on 10 May 07
EH EH EH EH EH……….” Ryan calling out for Daddy.

Daddy giving an extra help here. Ryan being very patient and staring intently.

All Done?

Daddy’s done.. but not quite the lil fella

Close-up – Ryan getting busy here.. Heehee…