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Visit to Ion Orchard

@ 41 months 6 days

MIL and Cousin Jasmine was in town for a short visit during the Hari Raya break. There was really no Hari Raya celebration feel in Singapore, which is by no surprise for the Muslims being a minority in this country. We only get 1 day public holiday. :( Don’t we miss Malaysia’s  holidayssssssssss…..

We went to the latest shopping addition along Orchard Road – Ion Orchard and did all the touristy thing. We snapped pictures, shopped like there’s no tomorrow (not us, MIL and Jasmine)..

Mommy with Ryan and little bun @ 21 weeks

Ryan had wanted a chrono watch (he loves my Swatch) but they don’t have kid’s size (fortunately.. :P)


Coach station @ Corpthorne Orchid Hotel – sending MIL and Jasmine off


3 generations


I have to giving up asking Ryan to smile in front of camera


It took me a fair bit of effort cherring Ryan up. He usually gets teary eyed bidding farewells. Phew……


Mother’s Day

@ 3 years 3 weeks 5 days

Mother’s Day came and gone. As usual, we made no special plans. In short, no celebrations. :(

On Saturday morning we went to Fidgets, an indoor playground. We had been there for 2 consequetive weeks because lil Ryan just had so much fun everytime we were there.

The week before, Ryan showed us how brave he was when he slid down this 2 storey slides by himself. I was taken by huge surprise when he did that. Frankly I failed to bring myself to do the same. Yes, I’m that scaredy. Having said so, this week he refused to repeat his achievement. Instead, he preferred to slide down with Daddy. Hopefully not another scaredy cat in the making.

On Sunday morning, all three of us woke up at around 9am. I threw the idea to bring Ryan out in the afternoon to hubs. He was indifference and gave no answer. Feeling lazy, I also did not persist.

At around 2 plus, Ryan woke up from his nap. I continued my beauty nap. Afterall,it was Mother’s Day, I thought I deserved a little bit of pamper, don’t I? At 4pm, hubs came in the room and woke me up. ‘Let’s go shopping’, he said. I jumped out of my bed. Hahahaha…

We went to Centrepoint in Orchard. Bought Ryan a dump truck and a 1 series BMW die-cast model to add to his collection. He was estatic. Little boy, so easily pleased.

After a short stroll, we popped into Geox. They were having 10% discount storewide. How pathetic, 10% only. There was a pair of pumps I was eyeing but even after the discount, it’s still pricey. Grand Singapore Sale is around the corner, I may have more choices then. Afterall, I don’t have the soft spot for expensive shoes. (Bags yes… :P). So I came out of empty handed, whereas hubs leaving the shop beaming happily with a new pair of shoes for himself.

So, on Sunday, Mother’s Day, we have a happy daddy and a jolly baby. Their smiles, their happiness, somehow mean so much more to me on this special day. I am a happy mommy (wife) for sure and I hope my own mommy is feeling the same, always happy, always able to keep herself busy following her TVB and hokkien series.

I may not say this everyday but I hope she knows eventhough I am now married, living in Singapore, may not be able to visit her that often and gossip with her about our neighbours, friends, yee ma ku che, etc etc… my heart is always thinking of her. Distance sets us physically apart but our hearts definitely grew fonder for each other. I do miss her and am utterly grateful and thankful for having blessed a mommy like her. She may be a strict mom, but thinking back, I wouldn’t be who I am today if not for her strict moulding to ensure I grow up a good kid. I love you, mom.

Mother’s Day artwork from Ryan

Sasha, the pretty momma, sent Ryan a pair of Ultraman PJs and lots of Cars stickers for his birthday last month. The PJs is still a little big but the mask fits nicely. Ryan absolutely loves it. Thank you soooo much!

On Monday was a Wesak Day holiday for Ryan’s school. So a few mommies organised a post Mother’s Day celebration at Marriott Hotel. We have decided to meet at 12.30pm, so at about 11.30am I asked Sotong to tuck Ryan for his nap and I conveniently sneaked out. I took the train down to Orchard which was just 3 stops away. Since I was early, I even managed a quick retail therapy at CK Tangs. Bought a new pair of pumps @ a small fraction of Geox’s price. So happy. Hahahaha…

Buffet lunch at Marriott’s was so so. Their main course spread was not very impressive, appetiser and dessert were acceptable but could be better. Somehow I find the buffets in KL hotels offer so much more varieties. We spent a good 3 hours there. Had a blast of time until the captain had to interupt us to settle the bill as they needed the table for hi tea reservations. After we settled the bill, we dwelled on for another half an hour before we call it a day. I know.. what a bunch of uncooperative mommies but hey, we don’t get to do this very often, you know. :D

Happy Mother’s Day to my mommy and all deserving mommies out there…

Fun @ United Square

@ 28 months 3 weeks 2 days

Last Friday we went to United Square for our usual hangout. The mall was having some promotions and activities. After our shopping spree at Toys r Us, I went too redeem our free gift and vouchers for the kiddy activities.

The first activity was cupcakes decoration.





Ryan had chosen blue as his theme and triangle and star shape for topping.







After the cupcakes decorations, we decided to check out the next activity at the fountain.

Second activity: Water Balling.




Obsession with bags

I am so into trouble. I actually just bought myself new bags when I was back in KL for the chinese new year. Barely a month had passed, my itchy hands are now browsing for a new bag.

I really don’t know what is wrong. First I wanted a sling bag for groceries – bought, then I need a bigger sling so I could put in my dslr (which I also bought), then I even bought a small sling to keep angpows (I know… how silly but it’s really cool cos it comes with 3 compartments for me to keep different value of angpows. Heehee..).

Hubs is already making noise (a lot of noise) that I’m spending too much (money and time) on bags. I hope this post will send shivers down my spine reminding myself not to waste anymore time and effort browsing for it. Boss not happy already……..

Oh…. btw.. this is the bag I WAS eyeing………..

Sui (cantik) boh? :P

Retail Therapy

I was so so so mad that I have to go through this pain and discomfort. So geram and upset. So what did I do? I pampered and splashed myself with a gift to me.

Today is the 4th day and this person has yet to notice (eh, how come I’m not surprised??? I’m a parasite + wong min por now… sobs) but he will find out tonight cos he reads my blog every night before he sleeps.

Btw, if you‘re reading this.. fyi I’m still mad, just that I’ve shelved that aside as I have other more important things to worry and deal with now.