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@ 21 months 3 days

It was so funny that I thought I should jot it down. During yesterday’s JG class, Ryan and I sneaked out for a short while because the little fella was craving for milk. Kept asking “mum mum milk”. So off we went to the lobby area.

After his milk….

Mommy: OK, we’re done. Let’s go back into class

Ryan: No, No, No (shaking his head)

Mommy: Why no? Come let’s go in.

Ryan: No… Boring

Mommy: Huh? Boring? Are you sure?

Another mommy who was sitting nearby overheard and was so surprised before she asked how old is Ryan. She could not believe such a word actually cam from a 21 mth old. Neither could I.

On the way in the class, Ryan said the word ‘boring’ again. I was really puzzled as I am very sure I did not teach him such a word. Later… in the class finally I know exactly what Ryan meant earlier. He was referring to the ‘bowling’ – the game we played in class last week. Aiyahhh…….