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Love Never Ends with Air Supply

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Early last month, hubs told me Air Supply was coming. I was a little hesitant (as usual) to leave the kids behind but then on second thought, it’s only natural we get a little time off, a little bit of ‘couple time’, away from the kids once in a while. Well, really, time out like this does help keep our sanity. So, hubs purchased the tickets and off we went for the concert last Monday, 15th Nov at Plenary Hall, KLCC Convention Centre.

You can read more about the Australian band Air Supply here.

The 35 years old Air Supply band
Ooo… should I attempt to shake hand with him? :P


The 61 year old lead singer, Russel Hitchcock. No.. I didn’t shake his hand.


Graham Russell, singer – songwrite. The man behind the many Air Supply hit songs!

The sang some of their hit songs such as All Out of Love, Making Love Out of Nothing at all, and many more. Graham Russell also sang one of their new songs entitled ’Just a little bit more’, a song about a soldier who was summoned to war, left behind his newly bride and never came home. He claimed this is a song based on true story. :(

In a nutshell, we had a fantabulous time. The crowd went roaring for more when the duo bid goodbye after merely an hour. They came back on stage and finally ended their concert with the song ‘Goodbye’. Simply too short! Too short!

Ryan’s First Excursion Trip

@ 4 years 6 months 3 days

Bao Bei Reading Wonderland organised a trip to Seremban on the 9th October 2010 (Saturday). It was a trip comprise of 3 stops - Yakult Factory, Kompleks Kraf negeri Sembilan and finally a visit to the ever famous Seremban Siew Pow Empire. 

We departed from Bao Bei Sg Long at 8,30am. Traffic was kind on us. It took us no more than an hour. We reached our first stop at around 9.30am.

Yakult Factory Tour

Ryan’s first bus trip


1st stop: Yakult Factory Tour


They only allow Saturday tour once a month. Hence the big crowd from other schools.


Listening to Yakult talk (Good vs Bad bacteria). Ryan was evidently bored. More happy to play with his Transformer watch instead.


Looking down at the production process through the glass wall


The ‘Packaging’ part of the whole production process


Microscopic view of the good bacteria (in his words.. just red dots)


Kompleks Kraf Negeri Sembilan
Our next stop is the Kompleks Kraf Negeri Sembilan whereby the kids and parents get hands on weaving experience. I think it was quite an eye opener. It’s definitely an activity we will never get to experience in this urban city.
Daddy busy weaving his basket


Soaking the rattan into water so it wont cut the fingers


With his BFF Brayden (also his classmate from kindy). Seen here with the Ultraman trademark pose


Happily monkeying around with Daddy’s basket


Our finished products. 2/3 of them were my effort


Seremban Siew Pow Empire
Our last stop


Each of us are allowed to make our own siew pau from these pastry dough after watching the demo


The three paus on the second row were ours. Ready to be baked in the pre heated oven
Had our sumptious lunch at the restaurant. Food was good.


It was a fun trip. We enjoyed ourselves. We reached our departure point at about 3.00pm.

Butterfly Park

@ 4 years 4 months 2 weeks 2 days

Ryan adores his Daddy. Throughout the day he will tell me how much he misses his Daddy. Sometimes I will allow him to call his Daddy on the mobile. The day before yesterday, he made the call during lunch time (the phone speaker was on).

Ryan: Daddy, I miss you. Are you coming home soon?

Daddy:  No, I have dinner tonight.

Ryan: *ignored Daddy’s answer* Are you coming home now? Can you come home when it’s day time?

Daddy: No, I can’t. I’ll be late tonight.

Ryan: Can we go to the beach?

Daddy: OK.. why not you and mommy plan for it. We go to the beach one day. Okay?

Ryan: Ahhhh.. but I want to go now. Can we go somewhere?

Daddy: Where do you want to go little boy? We can go somewhere tomorrow (31st August- public holiday)

Ryan: Err.. I don’t know. You think about it and don’t tell me. Okay Daddy. Give me a surprise.

Daddy: O-o-o okay, I’ll think about it.

Ryan: *hurriedly* OK. Bye.


31st August

As usual, hubs could not propose a good place to bring the ‘siu yeh zhai’ (that’s what some mommies from the school been calling Ryan). Of all placesm hubs suggested Mid Valley. Duh…

After a short brainstorming, we came close to two options. Either we bring Ryan to the butterfly park or the playground near our house where he could enjoy some fun kite flying session too.

We asked Ryan to make the decision and he chose butterfly park, so butterfly park it is.

We had wanted to bring lil  B along but just before we leave the house, it started to rain. We were even contemplating if we should proceed as planned. Ryan convinced us the rain will stop when we reach the park. Not wanted to disappoint him, we went as planned and left lil B (who was napping) at home under the care of Yeh Yeh and Loida.

We reached Butterfly Park @ Lake Garden around 4pm. True enough, there was not a single drop of rain eventhough the floor was a little wet and it clearly looked the rain had just stopped.

We paid RM20 for 2 adults. Kids FOC (not sure). We just paid RM20 and moved on.

At first glance, the whole place was in a such a sorry state. The place was poor litted and badly maintained. Good thing is the place is still considered clean, at least there was no litter spotted.

There were not many butterflies spotted. We were unsure whether it was due to the wet weather or it is generally the case even during hot sunny wheather.


 My baobei Ryan… he’s such a gem. Always know how to sugar-coat his words to make mommy happy


Looking as sad as the weather


One of the very few butterflies we spotted that day. *yawn*


Live pupa *yawn yawn*

Father’s Day Celebration

Ryan @ 4 years 2 months 1 week

This year’s father day celebration was a quiet one for us. Nothing to should about.

We decided to bring Ryan to watch Toys Story 3 (not the 3D) on Saturday night.  It was a last minute decision so tickets are limited. We tried to book Garden’s Premier but they too are full house. So I tried Jusco Cheras Selatan, very near to our home. Surprisingly tickets were still available for the couple seats. I quickly made the booking.

That afternoon I summoned him for a good nap. Expectedly he refused. After threatening we will not bring him to the cinema if he miss his nap, he collapsed immediately. That shows how tired and sleepy he was.

I had book 2 sets of couple seats for the 3 of us. It proved to be a wise choice. The seats were very comfortable and Ryan did not complain about not being able to sit close to me enough (When I brought Ryan to watch Princess Frog, this little fella kept complaining he can’t get to me near enough and the divider is a great nuisance)

Toys Story movie sure has come a long way. The first Toy Story was released in 1995. I did not watch it. I can’t remember why. It probably does not appealed to me then. Many years later in 1999, Toys Story 2 was released. Again, I missed it. I still don’t get the idea behind the whole hype over some silly animated story about toys.

Then……. 2 years ago, we came across the first Toys Story 1 on DVD. We bought it and watched it together with Ryan. He loved it, and I too began to enjoy it. Much later on when we visited Hong Kong for holiday, we combed the local HVD shop and bought whole lot of DVDs, Toys Story 2 included.

Now came the 3rd installment. I may say this time the story is slightly more mature. They input a lot of different elements into the show to make it appealing to all age segments. Daddy was laughing away when Buzz was put on demo mode, Ryan closed his eyes and screamed ‘I cannot watch this part’ when Buzz went into the vending machine and I was close to tears the part the characters joined hand and made a chain when they were approaching the fire pit.

The verdict. Not one but two thumbs up for Toys Story 3.


Happy Father’s Day cake

The ‘Yang’ of Lim Family

Junk food king insisted to bring along his Toys Story bag and water tumbler

The day’s not complete without a picture in front of Toys Story banner right? :P


The first two months

@ 2 months 1 day

Everyone couldn’t be more happier now that the worse seemed to over. Lil b is finally home and everyone gets a mission to adjust and adapt a lifestyle with a newborn at home. We all have to learn to speak softly, play moderately, the interupted meals, the baby’s cries, etc. 

After what lil b had been thru is his first 7 days of life, we were sure protective. It was mostly Ryan whom we had to control and manage.

Ryan loves his lil b to bits. He would get teary eyed when the CL carried lil b away for naps/sleep. He’s such a loving kor kor; with only the occassional over the board affections which he’s still learning to adjust.  We are extremely grateful for that despite us being protective over lil b, Ryan showed no signs of jealousy. When we sounded him for patting the lil b too hard on the head, he would oblige and slow down. When we ticked him off for being too loud when lil b was sleeping, most of the time he would lower his volume. There were occasions when he would just slip into a rebel, irritating everyone and breaking all the forbidden rules. There was a time when I was tucking him in bed at night when he said to me ‘Mom, having a baby is not so fun’. I chuckled at his statement. I guess reality finally striked him and he finally realises he’s no longer the king of the house.

A week after lil b was discharged, we brought him back to the paed for check up. Iwas pleased to know the trauma lil b experienced the week before, he gained some really good weight (3.9kg @ 2 weeks; +0.5kg in a week).


The 1st month

It’s always not easy to pick a name, not to mention a good name. Traditionally MIL would give us a few options after seeking some advise from sifu. The names that were initially given for us to choose were so so.. and I really mean, just so so. So MIL went back to the sifu and was given another variation. After pondering with the limited options available, we finally decided on one. Likewise with Ryan’s name, mommy came up with the spelling. I’m so proud of myself. Imagine they have to live with that name the rest of their life. What an accomplishment. So on the 7th Feb we finally register lil b’s name with the Jabatan Pendaftaran negara at Maju Junction.

Full Moon

We had the full moon ceremony on the 11th Feb. It was just a simple ceremony. Daddy was at work and it was just the grandparents, kor kor, me and the CL. Customary it’s a tradition to trim a bit of the newborn’s hair. I remember daddy was the one who did it for Ryan 4 years ago. This time round, mommy was given the honour.

After prayers and a short walk outside the house (part of the tradition), everybody got back to our normal routine. We should have had it the day before when daddy was around. Somehow without daddy around, I felt the ceremony kinda incomplete.

After CL left on the 12 Feb (she had requested to go earlier for CNY) I took over the full mommy role. Lil b was barely a month old. It’s a totally different experience. I remember I had enjoyed a complete two months confinement during Ryan’s days. With the CL around the entire two months, I only started taking care of Ryan on the 3rd month and that not even full time as I was still a FTWM then. This time round, my confinement period was shortened to literally only 3 weeks.

 It was such astounding experience caring for a baby. I didn’t know they can groan and whimper so much; or maybe after 4 years I have already forgotten how to care for a newborn. It was tough during the initial weeks especially the night feeds. I would wake up at lil b’s every single swish. Sometimes it would be nothing but a fluke shot and he would go back to sleep after a few pats. Other times, his whim signals his desire for a milky fix. It would normally take about an hour or so before I could go back to my sweet dreams. Eventhough he hardly cries, he is sure a loud  groaner. Most of the time once lil b make his gesture middle of the night, I would pick him up, go to the next room, nurse him, burp him, change his diaper and go back to my own room once he asleep. He’s much better now. He no longer groans nor whimpers as much. He also doesn’t pass explosive gas as often as he did during the first month. He’s definitely growing up… *smile*

Chinese New Year

Lil b had  his official first trip outside home (actually he had been to nearby Jusco earlier) on the first day of CNY when we went to Uncle’s place to pai nin. All the relatives gave the same comment and that lil b has an uncanny resemblance of daddy; to which I am not surprised. Just like his kor kor, he definitely has daddy’s eyes; the unmistakable single eyelid, luckily not sepet.

When it comes to lil b’s source of milk, he takes on the combo meal (BM, formula, EBM) and we started training him with the bottle since he was back from hospital. But because this baby is such a boobie baby, giving him the bottle is never a success without a ‘battle’. He would twist and turn his head, wail pitifully until I give in. The same happened on the 2nd day of CNY. We were having dimsum at MO Hotel when lil b needed a fix. Despite all efforts he just turned a blind on the bottle. Such a stubborn boy. I was so disturbed that I didn’t even get to eat their famous durian pancake. At that moment, I just want to get out of there and be home. KL, simply annoyingly baby unfriendly.

@ MO Hotel. He was a week shy from 1 month old. So tiny!!!

With cousin Ni Hui

Nappy Rash

Ryan had bad nappy rash when he was younger. Little did I expect lil b’s nappy rashes were much more serious than Ryan’s. You could see bloody red patches on his bottom. I read from the book, rashes that appears near the anus are an indication of allergy to protein. I quickly cut down my milk intake (I was taking Anmum Lacta) and his formula (he was on Similac). It was futile. I put him on cloth diaper and clean his bottom with clean water after every diaper change. Again, the efforts showed no remarkable improvement. On the  8th Mac I brought him to Dr Yek. He was prescribed some medication and moisturiser. We also changed his formula from Similac to Isomil. I fed him more formula in the next few days so his poop would be less watery. Combined with the cream, it worked miraculously. His bottom is finally rash free and is silky smooth. :D

Taken @ 1 month plus