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7th Year Anniversary


We went to this restaurant call Ploy at Damansara Heights for our little anniversary date. It came highly recommended by Hubs whom had just been there a few days back on invitation by its owner for a meal there together with a few other associates.



Ploy- is all about Modern Asian Cuisine. At first glance from the entrance, the restaurant looked sleek and modern, not overly consumed by suffocating interior design eventhough I do feel they could do better with their choice of Chinese New Year decor.


See what I mean… Lanterns every corner.

We ordered a few of their signature cuisines and I must say they not only look mouth watering, they also taste finger licking good. Simply delish. we could have ordered more if we were not going to attend a friend’s party later that night.



Should have ordered wine to go along our meal but opted kiddy juices instead. Reading through their drinks menu, I seriously thought they were going to serve the drinks in some sort of ice cubes. I was disappointed….


Can you spot my Apple Sour drink on the table? My melting caps Apple Sour came in the form of any other typical serving of fruit juices one can imagine. Cheh.., anti climax. But luckily the rest of our food were deservingly good.


Spicy Miso Soup


Crunchy Lotus Root Chips. Yums!


Torched Sunrise Tuna




Seaweed and wasabi to go with the tuna.


Thin crusted soft shell crab pizza. Very appetizing indeed.

By the time we finished our main course, we were full to the brim but how can we not order their famous Durian Pannacota. The combination of durian and Pannacota is definitely adventurous but it turns out to be a risk worth taking. Must try!


The pictures really don’t do justice to the food. Sigh.. Time to buy new phone. Lol

Overall, a meal worth every cent. Oops, here’s Happy Anniversary to my lo-gong.

Here’s the address to Ploy.

G-2, Work@Clearwater
Jalan Changkat Semantan
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2095-0999
Open Mondays-Saturdays: 12.00pm-3.00pm; 6.00pm-12.00am
Closed on Sundays


Mother’s Day Celebration

Ryan @ 5 years 3 weeks 2 days

Lil B @ 1 year 3 months 2 weeks 3 days

Mother Day falls on the 8 May 2011 (Sunday). On Saturday, it was story telling day at Ryan’s school. This boy had been pestering me to attend the talk so he could attend the story telling stations.

That morning I drove him to the school at 9.30am. There were like 8 or so story stations, each with their respective interesting story. We took a tour to all the stations. While I was trying to get Ryan to choose a station with any of his classmates in it, he chose to attend ‘Barry, the fish with fingers by Sue Hendra‘ story station with no one from his class in the group at all. I even tried to dissuade him from joining the Berry Fish station but this boy of mine was determined. The moment he stepped in, he made friends. I peeped at him from the window and he was socially interacting with kids from other classes.

Many times, I think I’m overly protective. In many occasion (school, enrichment classes), teachers complimented how sociable and outgoing Ryan is and that he could make friends with just anybody. I guess it’s time for mommy to learn how to let go….

Since Ryan chose to go to the school’s story telling day, he would have to miss his Art Class. Darren attended his Kindermusik accompanied by Daddy again while I stayed in the Ryan’s school for a talk on ‘The Gift of Story Telling’ by Judy Shaik, a popular story teller in town. A talk by one of the best story tellers in town proved to be captivating. She kept the session alive and interactive. Great stuff.

That evening, MIL had a dinner to attend. I wasn’t in the spirit to go out as I was tired, lazy but mainly not hungry. I’m fine with just tapao or skip the dinner but then hubs suggested we should at least go somewhere near for dinner. So, off we went.

We had  dinner at Zun Kitchenette


My little B… forever with food

Lil B with spoon (food) in hand again and the big kor kor acting ‘cool’ after Daddy asked him to smile for the camera

That night on the way back after dinner Ryan asked me when exactly is Mother’s Day. “It’s tomorrow, Sunday” I answered. I asked him “Why you want to know?”. He said cheekily “I won’t tell…. you…… It’s a surprise………..I will do it when you’re sleeping…..” All of us in the car couldn’t helped but burst into laughter at the way he answered.

Both my boys are early riser. They usually wake up around 6.30am, latest 7am. What normally happens on a weekend is they will go to the play room accompanied by Kakak while I catch up on some sleep. By 8.00am, that’s the usual time I wake up.

On Sunday morning, I was still in bed and Ryan came running to my room and said… “Mommy, Mommy.. I made you a card… It’s a wedding card. You and Daddy here (pointing at the pic). I went down to pluck some flowers and stick them here, Mommy… ”

I pierced through my eyes and saw the card… it has a picture of Mommy and Daddy, some flowers sticked on…

I suggested him to go finish his drawing, get him and Didi in the picture as well and color it. Ryan asked what color I like. Without much thoughts, I said rainbow. Ryan dashed back to the play room.

Half an hour or so later, I walked to the playroom and this is what I saw

OMG… I could barely see anything now. The whole picture is colored rainbow. *faint*

Chuckily Ryan asked me.. “Mommy, it’s rainbow color, it’s your favourite. Do you like it?” (he was still holding the 7 rainbow colors pencils in his grip). I told my boy “I love it! It’s the most beautiful card in the whole world“. He smiled and continued coloring…. :D

The others are art and craft from school (the surprise card he hinted to me earlier) and a flower craft he made in BaoBei class.



The next day, we went to Pik Wah Restaurant for dinner. My mom loves their Sharks Fin soup. The restaurant was packed with families celebrating the same occasion. Luckily we booked in advance thus able to have our lunch in ‘peace’.


Ryan showing Por Por the card he drew. Por Por was beaming from ear to ear. He actually drew Por Por with him and Didi holding hands. Mochi is in the pic too. Ah Yee was jealous she wasn’t in the pic. :P *I had forgotten to take picture of it*








the above was shared during the story telling session inconjunction with Mother’s Day. It was taken from the book ”Love You Forever by Robert Munsch“. I swear I was holding back my tears when the teacher was reading the book aloud. A book that all mom should own… Good stuff!


Adios 2010, Hello 2011

Ryan @ 4 years 8 months 2 weeks 2 days

Lil B @ 11 months 1 week 3 days

As usual, procrastination hit me and I failed to write a post before the year 2010 ended. Well, I guess I’ll just make up with a first post on this 1.1.11 day.

We did not do anything special last night. Precious years I remember we would make a toast but somehow we had forgotten about that and two of us occupied ourselves in front of the TV until we heard the fireworks when the clock striked 12am. Hubby wished me Happy New Year. Argghh.. how unromantic but then again, having everyone safe and sound at home happens to be the greatest warmth of all.

Our neighbour lighted the fireworks, luckily not for long this time. Frankly, I am not a big fan of fireworks. I find them disturbing, too much of a noise pollution. I got extremely agigated when the noise woke the kids (active toddler and crying baby) up and I have to spend another hour or so pacifying them back to bed. Goodness, last night was bearable. Now I’m anticipating the much unbearable Chinese New Year fireworks which involves literally ALL my neighbours. Huh.. just when I thought fireworks are banned since dongkey years ago.

This morning, R&D work up at 8am. We decided to go for Dim Sum at Lai Po Heen. Miss their durian pancakes. Yumss…

We reached Lai Poh Heen at 11.30am. Surpringly no crowd. Yay! We ordered the regulars and Ryan, being the usual pickey eater just ate their Century Egg Porridge (minus the century eggs). The other lil fella was more adventurous. He was screaming for us to let him try the adult food. So there goes.. lil b had his first bite of Egg Tart and Char Siew Pow (he actually tried Char Siew Pow back in Oct when we were at Ah Yat Restaurant, Genting).

I’m now craving for a cup of Starbucks Choc Chips and Aunty Anne’s Pretzel. Hubs said he will drive out to get for me but as I am typing now, he is still in dreamland with lil B. When am I gonna get my Starbucksssss and pretzel??

Happy New Year 2011.

Mother’s Day

@ 3 years 3 weeks 5 days

Mother’s Day came and gone. As usual, we made no special plans. In short, no celebrations. :(

On Saturday morning we went to Fidgets, an indoor playground. We had been there for 2 consequetive weeks because lil Ryan just had so much fun everytime we were there.

The week before, Ryan showed us how brave he was when he slid down this 2 storey slides by himself. I was taken by huge surprise when he did that. Frankly I failed to bring myself to do the same. Yes, I’m that scaredy. Having said so, this week he refused to repeat his achievement. Instead, he preferred to slide down with Daddy. Hopefully not another scaredy cat in the making.

On Sunday morning, all three of us woke up at around 9am. I threw the idea to bring Ryan out in the afternoon to hubs. He was indifference and gave no answer. Feeling lazy, I also did not persist.

At around 2 plus, Ryan woke up from his nap. I continued my beauty nap. Afterall,it was Mother’s Day, I thought I deserved a little bit of pamper, don’t I? At 4pm, hubs came in the room and woke me up. ‘Let’s go shopping’, he said. I jumped out of my bed. Hahahaha…

We went to Centrepoint in Orchard. Bought Ryan a dump truck and a 1 series BMW die-cast model to add to his collection. He was estatic. Little boy, so easily pleased.

After a short stroll, we popped into Geox. They were having 10% discount storewide. How pathetic, 10% only. There was a pair of pumps I was eyeing but even after the discount, it’s still pricey. Grand Singapore Sale is around the corner, I may have more choices then. Afterall, I don’t have the soft spot for expensive shoes. (Bags yes… :P). So I came out of empty handed, whereas hubs leaving the shop beaming happily with a new pair of shoes for himself.

So, on Sunday, Mother’s Day, we have a happy daddy and a jolly baby. Their smiles, their happiness, somehow mean so much more to me on this special day. I am a happy mommy (wife) for sure and I hope my own mommy is feeling the same, always happy, always able to keep herself busy following her TVB and hokkien series.

I may not say this everyday but I hope she knows eventhough I am now married, living in Singapore, may not be able to visit her that often and gossip with her about our neighbours, friends, yee ma ku che, etc etc… my heart is always thinking of her. Distance sets us physically apart but our hearts definitely grew fonder for each other. I do miss her and am utterly grateful and thankful for having blessed a mommy like her. She may be a strict mom, but thinking back, I wouldn’t be who I am today if not for her strict moulding to ensure I grow up a good kid. I love you, mom.

Mother’s Day artwork from Ryan

Sasha, the pretty momma, sent Ryan a pair of Ultraman PJs and lots of Cars stickers for his birthday last month. The PJs is still a little big but the mask fits nicely. Ryan absolutely loves it. Thank you soooo much!

On Monday was a Wesak Day holiday for Ryan’s school. So a few mommies organised a post Mother’s Day celebration at Marriott Hotel. We have decided to meet at 12.30pm, so at about 11.30am I asked Sotong to tuck Ryan for his nap and I conveniently sneaked out. I took the train down to Orchard which was just 3 stops away. Since I was early, I even managed a quick retail therapy at CK Tangs. Bought a new pair of pumps @ a small fraction of Geox’s price. So happy. Hahahaha…

Buffet lunch at Marriott’s was so so. Their main course spread was not very impressive, appetiser and dessert were acceptable but could be better. Somehow I find the buffets in KL hotels offer so much more varieties. We spent a good 3 hours there. Had a blast of time until the captain had to interupt us to settle the bill as they needed the table for hi tea reservations. After we settled the bill, we dwelled on for another half an hour before we call it a day. I know.. what a bunch of uncooperative mommies but hey, we don’t get to do this very often, you know. :D

Happy Mother’s Day to my mommy and all deserving mommies out there…

Happy Mother’s Day

@ 24 months 3 weeks 5 days

Thanks for all the well wishes. Ryan’s much better today, no fever, no flu, all looks good. Nonetheless, we spotted loose tools twice today but paed pre empted it’s pretty normal with Augmentin which he will complete the course in another 5 days. I hope and pray he’ll fully recover and be given a clean bill of health when we visit the paed this coming Friday to make sure his ear infection is totally healed.

It’s a boring Mother’s Day. No card, no pressie, no dinner, no mood, nothing. I began to feel my butt is permanently glued to the sofa / bed. Hehe.. okay, a bit of exxageration there but it has been days since Ryan is grounded at home for the sake of his full recovery and I’m feeling extremely helpless.

When chewlee‘s bro dropped by earlier to pick up chewlee’s stuff, I jokingly teased Ryan that korkor’s here to catch mommy. Gosh.. that resulted in endless stickiness and crankiness thereafter. I cannot even have my dinner without the little fella demanding comfort from me. I’m not complaining. Matter of fact I missed his affections. *blushed*

During bedtime, as usual he started his drama all over again. Insisted he wants to go out and play. I switched off the lights anyway and predictably he started wailing. I passed him his milk and pretended to cry myself. Then I asked him…

Mommy: *sobbing* You don’t sayang mommy anymore? You don’t want to stay here with mommy? *cont sobbing*
Ryan: Mommy… (Turn to me and gave me a big hug… then a big muaks. Ouch… feel so in love).
Mommy: (Wanted more) *sobbing* Mommy go out now, okay?
Ryan: No! No! No! (shaking big No No with his index finger and cuddled next to me)
Mommy: (Beaming silently in dark. Hehehe….)

…… a moment of silent was what it takes for him to doze off to Zzzz-land. Poor baby, must have been really tired. I switched on the side lamp, looking at the little face of my son, ouchhh… I feel soooo utterly sweeeeeeeeet.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. It’s not a bad celebration for me afterall… hope you gals had fun yourself. *smile*