Daddy’s Little Boy

@ 1 year 6 days

Ryan’s sleeping pattern has changed a little. He’s no longer taking his evening nap but yet he doesn’t sleep until it’s 10.00pm. I actually believe he’s now wise enough to realise his Daddy’s schedule and refuses to bed until his beloved Daddy is home to kiss him goodnight. And if you think that’s coincidence, this little monster actually would wake up around 6am ish every morning (the time hubs wakes up for work everyday), giggle giggle with his Daddy and will go back to Zzz-land after Daddy leaves for work. Strange or not??? What a Daddy’s boy.. *jealous mummy gives a grin and evil eyes here**
We have also changed Ryan’s milk to Isomil Plus Advance for 1 year and above. I was a little sceptical at first whether or not I should continue with soy based formula, afterall Ryan seems to have recovered from his baby days infantial eczema. But after reassurance from paed, we decided to stick back to it. Really don’t wish to go through another process of trial and error with milk powder.

I have recently introduced multigrain breakfast into Ryan’s breakfast regime. Kinda to give him more varieties rather than just cereal. Also now that Ryan is a toddler and more active, I would want him to develop a healthy eating schedule like us with strictly solid for breakfast, lunch and dinner; and of course his usual yoghut, teething biscuits, juices, fruits etc as snacks and desserts in between. I’m actually considering to let Ryan have his dinner at home instead of nanny’s. I can’t force nanny for the extra work to cook dinner for Ryan and if I insist dinner at nanny’s place, I have the feeling Ryan’s gonna end up eating the same type of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hmm… Really don’t know what is the common practise. For us, of course we don’t eat the same food 3 times a day but maybe for babies they don’t mind?? *scratch head*

Hottest Mummy Wannabe

I am flattered yet again when I saw her msn message last night. She nominated me into the blogger’s choice award under the ‘Hottest Mummy’ category. Would like to take the opportunity to thank mom2ashley for the nomination and thank you thank you to all who casted their vote on me. If you’re reading this and have not voted this hottest mummy wannabe, please click here. Heehee… (i know i know.. thick face.. but don want to be at the bottom of the nomination list ma)

My site was nominated for Hottest Mommy Blogger!

Wakey Wakey Mummy!!!!

@ 1 year 3 days

I find it a bit strange to start off the post with the word 1 year (@ 1 year 3 days). Not quite used to it and kinda unbelievable that my baby is now 1 year old already!!! Arrgghh.. I know I know.. So, the post title above speaks it all, WAKE UP WAKE UP MUMMY~~. Kekeke…

Anyways, allow me to do this last one plus another one year milestone. K? *Blehhh*

When Ryan was younger (ard 3 months+++) he was so chubby then that he falls under the 90 percentile babies. However when Ryan started to crawl, his weight came to be more managable and his growth is now back to the average 75 percentile. The last time his length and weight was taken was last Sunday. He stood at 80cm and 10.2kg. Still quite a handful. Phew~~

Anyways, a snapshot of Ryan’s journey in the last 12 months….

I am married with a baby

I bumped into an old friend with her colleagues during lunch earlier. She called my name out loud (mind you, she called my chinese name leh…I have a very ‘mo koon toong’ chinese name ie name that will give you goose pimples). We tete-a-tete for a short while…and after exchanging phone numbers we we bid each other goodbye. Afterall, both were on our way for lunch so better not let our stomach suffer that long.

Then just now she called me again. She said one of her colleagues had asked her for my number. My gosh!! As much as I am flattered (so auntie already still got ppl asked for my number), I told her I am not only married but with a one year old toddler lor my dear….

Hahaha.. then she asked how come never invited her to my wedding. *Blehhhh*. So, I shared with her this link and this link (this link’s music – I finally found someone is gone already.. sob sob)

Mummy during the good old dayssss~~


Tag: What’s in my Bag

Was tagged by imms on the bag tag. Hmm.. but I have done this before so I promised I’ll do a different variation of the tag instead. I’ll show what’s in my lunch bag ya.

Pic was taken right after I came back from lunch~~~

Won’t be tagging anyone lor…. I think almost everyone has done this :P