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Emotional Baby

@ 8 months 4 days

Ryan is definitely unperturbed despite the recent trauma (more like a trauma for mummy than the lil cutie though).

Ever since that night, I paid more attention to Ryan (not that I don’t pay attention other times but these 2 days are more crucial lor..) I noticed our boy has become quite emotional. Last night, while being carried around in the house by YehYeh, they stopped by the fridge and Ryan being as ‘tor sau’ as ever started pulling the fridge magnets, again. (Ryan actually broke a few already). But being the ‘kum po lor’ (apple) in YehYeh’s eyes broken fridge magnets are no big deal. Well, true la no big deal but those were memorable fridge magnets I bought from my tripssss leh… Sob sob.

Anyways, that’s not the story. While happily showing off his hand fingers skills, he managed to drag one out and wanted to put it inside his mouth. Linda (my maid) who saw quickly said “No, No, tak boleh”. Poor baby thought Linda was scolding him started to cry the pitiful cry of his. Hehehe..

After a short while, YehYeh brought him back to the fridge magnets… Adoi. So when I saw I quickly pulled it away from his lil fingers and guess what… Ryan cried again. This time not funny anymore. Since when Ryan is such an emotional and manja baby.. Hmmm??

This morning when I dropped Ryan at auntie’s place, she told me that Ryan is now an expert when it comes to standing up. Definitely not amazed this time knowing Ryan’s legs alone are not strong enough to support his 9kg weight. Anyways, her elaboration was Ryan will usually pull himself up using the chair as support, lean his back against a neighboring chair/wall and steadily pandai pandai let go both his hands and stood against whatever he was leaning on happily smiling. “Geng”!!! I just hope he won’t suffer another fall from his never ending mischievous activities.

Last Sat (16 Dec 06), I managed to capture this on my camera. Ryan was trying to untangle the linking alphabets and he did exactly what athletes would do to gain more strength – he SCREAMED!!!! HAHAHAHAA….