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14 Months Milestones

@ 14 Months

Brought Ryan for Hep. A vaccine this morning. He behaved very well today. He showed signs of uneasiness when we first walked into paed’s office but soon relaxed himself when Daddy pampered him with the toys around. Good job Ryan!

Weight: 10.5kg, Height: 82cm, HC: 48cm
Total No of Teeth: 16 (started using toothbrush; no toothpaste)

Emotions and Character
Ryan is very emotional at times. He would cry at the slightest voice we raised. Well, fortunately the good thing is he is also easily pacified. If he cries because we refused to give in to his request, we would distract him with another subject (toy, direction, food, etc etc) and his tears would soon turn into a smile in no time. Phew..

He is also very cheeky. When we demand something which he is holding (toy, food etc) he would pretend by extending his hand to you. Before you could grab it from his hold, he would retract his hand and give you that cheeky smile of his.

He has very strong will of mind. Often, he would go EH-EH-EHHHHHH…… for our attention and smartly point to the toy/direction expecting us to give in to his request. At times, we would pretend to just ignore him, assuming he would give up and stop. We were wrong. Our reluctance to move would only put ourselves into a situation whereby we’ll be greeted with more loud and long winded scream. Very very stubborn baby (like Daddy). Blehh..

He’s also very good at recognising faces now. When he sees the picture, he’ll point correctly to the person we asked, that includes his own picture.

Language and Speech
Ryan’s vocab has improved and he is also able to combine his words with gestures made. Some words he would say when he sees the subject:

Papa: He’ll call out Papa when he sees Daddy but when you asked him who’s Papa, he’ll point indiscriminately
Dah Dee: (Daddy) Heard once today
Kah: (Car)
Mum-mum: (Food)
Mah Mah: Mummy / MahMah
Wow: (Dog)
Fooh: (Fish)
Ball: (Ball)

Able to walk steadily and speedily (I would consider that run at babies’ speed)
Able to stand and balance on one feet (saw he did that many times)
Able to walk and kick his balloons at the same time (hmm.. potential footballer?)
Able to walk and drink at the same time
Other gestures when being prompted: Oi-Oi (sleep), Goodbye kiss, Bye Bye, Come (palm up while four fingers wave inwards), No-No (shake head)
No problem switching on and off the switches to the house lights
Able drink from straw, sippy cup
Able to feed himself raisin size food, biscuits (biscuits: likes to take big bite!)
Likes to empty his toys box, sit inside, come out and put back all the toys in. Then he’ll repeat the whole process again.
Able to walk down steps about 10cm in height (going into bathroom)

I still do not allow Ryan to go near the stairs. He’s too impatient and I’m worried sick for his safety. He doesn’t know how to go down the stairs the correct way (likes to go one foot on one step at one time) despite how many times I have taught him to take it slow – ie settle two feet on one step before moving to the next step. If that’s not bad enough, he likes to go down the stairs at lightning speed. Imagine a mummy holding on to both his arms, there goes both his feet kicking and body straightened assuming that would help him get down faster and poor mummy struggling to keep up with his speed.

3 solid a day
6-7oz milk in between
Snacks in between (Yogurt, Biscuits, Raisins)
Apple Pureed for dessert in the evening

Ryan eats most of the food we prepared for him. So far these were the food he rejected in the past:
Mac & Cheese
Spicy food (nasi lemak, maggie curry)
Si Mat Lai Cha (tea)
Nestum Oats for breakfast
Bo Ying Compound (for bb with nighmares)

Daddy gets home earlier this month since Project M is way over. He gets to spend more play time with Ryan before I tuck Ryan in around 10pm. I have also indicated to nanny that Ryan should not napped pass 5pm so to not disrupt his sleep time at night. So far so good.

Ryan is an angel when it comes to sleep time. I do not face too much of a problem tucking him to bed. The monster in him only unveiled middle of the night when he would whine and wail few times a night without actually waking up (ie eyes shut all the time). I’m not sure if it has anything to do with teething, nightmare, hunger etc… whatever it is, I hope they’ll come to an end soon.

Ryan still naps twice a day, each abour 1.5 – 2.5 hrs max (once 11am and once 4pm).

I wear a house sandals at home which I only take off if I’m in the room. Ryan knows it when I want to go out of room, he’ll EH- EH-EH and point to my shoes (signalling mummy must wear shoes first)
When the phone rings at night, he knows it’s time to go down the stairs and wait for Daddy (Daddy calls home every night b4 he reaches home)
He knows when I say “oi-oi, what must you do?”, he’ll point to the switch and turn off the lights
He’s a shy-by (shy baby) when meet with strangers.. but at home he’ll be like a tiger and a king of the house
Likes to pull us up/along and direct us to the destination he has in mind

Happy 14 Months