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Expensive Dinner

I hope I am not turning this blog into a ranting blog but really can’t helped it. It’s the weekend so hubs suggested we to dine out yesterday evening. We went to Ngee Ann City as I wanted to get more Brainy Baby CDs for Ryan. As usual, the place was packed with people. Restaurant Q was as long as ever. So we walked a bit further down and saw this Teochew restaurant that has no Q in front. We knew either the restaurant food sucks or it’s one hefty bill one has to pay. But after deliberated for awhile we decided to give it a shot la. Hungry already ma. So in the restaurant we dined. The captain recommended a few dishes. All sounded exotic of course. So we picked a few dishes (1 fish, 1 BBQ pork and 1 vege, 1 soup, 3 glasses of leongsui to be precise) and the bill came up to a shocking:

Yes. It’s SGD169.49!!!!. That’s RM390!!! The small little tasteless Garoupa alone costed SGD72. Veryyyyyy…. ‘sum toong’. Sob sob… I can buy 10 Brainy Baby CDs with that amount. Today I asked Linda to cook at home. Hubs deserved some good home cooked food and lo foh tong (soup). Frankly her cooking definitely taste much better than Imperial’s and cheaper for sure.