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1 year 3 weeks 5 days

Ryan has been very very vocal and very very interactive since the last few weeks. He can be very drastic in his ways of showing his likes and dislikes. One minute, we could be in a simple role play game and he’ll go Hee Hee Haa Haa laughing happily there, the next minute he will be clinging tight on you wanted you to carry him to his desired next source of entertainment and if we pretend to ignore he’ll get all cranky and fussed up. Sometimes I just wonder where did he get all the burst of energy 14-15 hours a day, 7 days a week
Anyways, it’s part and parcel of bringing up a child I know that well. I’m so thankful Ryan is borned a healthy strong baby. Flashing back to a year ago, Ryan was barely a month old and the only expression he could show was his usual blur face not knowing what’s happening around him.

When Ryan is happy, he will surprise us with how affectionate he can be. He will come to us, hold on to our head and start banging his head against ours (yeah.. that’s his way of showing affection konon-nya). On the other side of this little fella’s character, he can be quite stubborn. He’ll point to you the things he want and start “MMM MMM MMM – EH EH EH – MMM MMM MMM – EH EH EH” and it goes on and on and on and on until he gets what he wants. I hate to say this but sometimes we just gave in because he’s just too noisy. *slap head*. This is also exactly what happened that day. Of course coupled with his usual million dollar tears, he is always the winner in this silent game.

Come back to the analogy part. It is not that I have not been strict. The word “NO-NO” and the “NO-NO” handshake were the first few words/expressions he learnt. But I must admit sometimes I slacked and just couldn’t be firmed enough especially when I see his pitiful face. I would gave myself excuses like – Oh, he’s just a baby etc etc etc… but if I use my senses more rationally, the explanation is, in a mother’s eye, her child will always be her baby regardless the age. So, how do I know when is the best time to assert strict discipline. Aiks… you know.. it’s very ‘sum toong’ (heartache) when I see him cry because of something he loves to have. Arrgh..that look on his face. My heart just melts.

But moving on, I must must must learn to be more firm on disciplining the little monster; in the name of his future’s sake la. It is not easy I know, and I have no experience for sure…knowing me myself is also not a very discipline person…*blehhh* but I promise myself, I shall try my best as I definitely do not want my child to grow up being a spoilt brat with no respect for others what not. You know, when a child is a spoilt fella, it is always the mother that gets the blame most of the time. A very common chinese phrase you’ll likely get is “Wei, lei ah ma mo gau lei ar” (Your mummy never teach you). So Ryan… I want you to grow up be a good boy, good person to the your family and the society. Don’t let anyone scold your mummy with the phrase above ya.. :P

More notes to Ryan: Ryan, you may hate mummy for being so strict on you but as I always say, someone has to be the ‘bad guy’ in the family and I’m sure you’ll understand mummy’s effort when you grow up to become a successful young man one day. Mummy’s love is always with you. :D

Wish me luck…

To all mommies out there.. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

Teething Spell Again

@ 1 year 2 weeks 6 days

It’s the teething spell again. This time it’s one after another. Ryan now has 11 teeth in total – right first molar already 80% visible, left first molar 60% and his right canine is just cutting out between his molar and incisors. Gosh.. no wonder the poor fella has been very clingy and cranky over the last week. So many eruptions at one go….

We went to MV again for dinner last night. We walked into Memory Lane with the intention of getting a card. That’s when Ryan landed his eyes on the balloons on display. He started to scream ‘Ehhhh… Ehhh…. Ehhh…..!!!‘ pointing at the balloons. Actually, I have no idea why Ryan just had this *thing* about balloons. He just love them….

Anyways, I assumed I could get an easy way out as usual. What I did was I pulled out one of the balloons and pass it to Ryan and continue my stroll in the store. When about to leave, that was when the whole drama began. Ryan refused to let go of the ballon (usually he’ll just let go.. guess he’s getting smarter now) and started to wail and wail. Everybody was staring at this little drama prince, probably hoping to watch a good spanking show… Kekeke.. nah… anyways, I gave in… afterall, I know he’s been longing for one for quite a while already. But hor.. if you see his *muka sepuluh sen* (pitiful sad face), you would give in too….

Pic taken this morning when mummy refused to carry the little fella. This is an example of the pitiful face Ryan would show his mummy.. Aaah… how could I possibly say no leh…..

Countdown to No. 1

@ 11 months 4 weeks 2 days

This is my last post on Ryan’s baby stories. In half an hour’s time, Ryan would be one and an official toddler. No more a baby. I have said this umpteen times but isn’t it true that when we recollect our thoughts on the whole delivery process, it is just as if it just happened yesterday? Read more here.

We brought Ryan for his scheduled MMR jab this morning. As soon as I sat down, I told paed about Ryan’s eye. After a thorough examination, paed assured us the cut was right at the corner. His eyeball, nerves etc etc inside are all okay. Phew~~ What a big big relief!! Otherwise I think I will not be able to forgive myself.. AND HUBS!!

Ryan cried as soon as we laid him on the bed for his jab. Think he has a phobia of the paed. I can tell from the little rascal’s expression that he was very nervous throughout the whole process. He just held tight on mummy all the time. Aiyoh… my son is so ‘kiasi’ now.

Thought will be good to share this info. During this visit I took the opportunity to find out from paed on Ryan’s recent fever episode. Explained all the post fever symptoms like rashes to paed. He confirmed it was Roseola, another virus that causes fever. Roseola, according to paed was likely infected through air and more easily contagious between baby to baby (6 months – 3 years). There is no medication for Roseola. It is a viral infection that causes sudden and unexplained hi fever, swollen eyes and post fever rashes. So, if your baby is suffering from hi fever, with no other cold symptoms like flu, cough etc, chances are it could be Roseola. At which besides taking medication (Paracetemol / Nurofen) to control the temp, we just have to be patient, allow time for the viral to run its course.

Second thing to share with all is on stye (ngan thiu chum). Ryan is having one now. Aiks.. Luckily not obvious. Paed prescribed an eye cream (Fucithalmic) to apply. He also stressed on the importance of cleaning baby’s hands cos more than often the stye was caused by dirt that got transferred from baby’s hand to their eyes. Thus, the eye infection. I seriously didn’t know that. I always thought it was due to heaty (yit hei). Now I know……*slap head*

Tonight Ryan slept on his own again. I really want to make it a habit. I cannot be patting him to sleep every night. Big boy liow lor. Knowing Daddy’s existence will only cause interruption to my modus operandi, I shoo-ed Daddy to the next room. I passed Ryan his milk as usual after which I just laid still on bed pretended to be asleep too. At one point he was seen rolling, climbing on top of me, knocking his head on mine, etc etc to gain attention. I just ignored him. After like 30 mins he fell asleep. Kekeke.. tomorrow have to repeat the process again. Wish me luck.

Mummy and little Ryan with his newfound play gears (the cutleries) – I didnt know this restaurant provides children cuttleries. They comes in pink, blue, yellow and I think green as well. So cute…

Ryan’s first forward facing car ride

Hello… I am turning one tomorrow

Disciplining an Emotional Baby

@ 11 months 3 weeks

Yoohooo.. Ryan finally gets the clean bill. When I sponged him earlier, I noticed the rashes are all gone. I’m so glad and thankful that he’s back to his hyperactive self.

I am not sure if it was really Roseola. I’ll confirm with paed when we check in again next week for MMR jab. Then I’ll be able to share more on that bit.

Well, well, Ryan will turn 1 year old in about a week’s time. At this phase, I couldn’t emphasis more the need to incorporate ‘good discipline’ into Ryan’s upbringing. Being a parent is really not easy. I always question myself if my way of bringing up Ryan is the right way, if not the best. I am glad to have gone into blogosphere. I got to know so many blogger parents that are not stingy in sharing their experience. I’ve learnt so much from them. Thanks!

Back to my little rascal. Ryan has become such a emotional baby these days. When he was still the little blur baby, he could easily get away regardless what he did wrong just by flashing his cheeky smile to us. Now that he is a toddler soon, we just have to be more firmed with him.

Nowadays instead of his cheeky smile, he flash us his pitiful cry instead. A slight raise of voice he’ll start his Mmm-Mmm-Mmm (pitiful crying) episode. Aaahh.. He’ll turn to the supposedly firmed mummy, hold tight, rest his head on mummy’s shoulder and start Mmm-Mmm-Mmm (those pitiful cry). What happened after then? Mummy stroke stroke and ‘sayang’ the crying baby again leh… Aiks.. who can resist a “manja” baby???

The whole idea of disciplining Ryan is really not intended to punish him, rather it is with the objective to teach him what is right and what is wrong. No parent wants their baby to go up a spoilt brat, do they?

On the other hand, sometimes I just wonder if I have been too stern with Ryan and that contributes to the reason why he favours everyone else in the house better than his mummy (so sad). Even Linda (my maid) is observant enough to share with me last night that she could see my little monster is scared of his mummy. Why? Why? Why? Am I such a scary mummy? No choice leh.. somebody has to be the disciplinary teacher in the house.

Ryan likes to flip through his board books nowadays. After flipping through them, he’ll keep them all back into the yellow bag

The prince decides his own sleeping position