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Teething Blues (again?)

@ 8 months 3 weeks 1 days

Yoohoo.. Mr Lim will be back shortly.. but my beloved Ryan’s temperature is still a little on the high side compared to his normal days (37.2c). The good thing is Ryan seemed unperturbed by it and still as active as usual. So it doesn’t yet raised any alarm and mummy would expect his normal temp to return by tomorrow – if it is due to teething, usually it last no more than 48 hours based on Ryan’s past history. Pray pray.

Question is mummy still can’t see Mr Pearly No 8.. so .. not sure if it’s really due to teething. Puzzled.. (question markssss running at the back of mummy’s head). Just have to keep an eye until next morning, else will bring Ryan straight to paed (kiasu as usual, but better be safe than sorry lor).

These pics were taken yesterday. Even during one of those teething spells, Ryan is still full of energy and never failed to give us his ever big beaming smile to assure us he’s okay. Muaks-muaks.