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My Valentine’s

I’m back….

…from a splendid break in KL. Somehow 10 days seemed to pass in a glimpse of eyes. Aiya.

We had initially planned for a early Valentine’s celebration in KL. We have been longing for some quality pat toh time for as long as I could remember but as always a plan is always as a good as a plan. With the on going cny festival, friends visiting, bla bla… we ended up at home on the day we were supposed to be out. How UN-romantic.

But nevermind, cos it was a fruitful trip for me. He he….

Despite not having a real celebration, I received my present in time. Terra….

Won’t elaborate on the gift but hubs says that’s gonna be my pressie for Anniversary, Valentine’s, birthday, and all the in tow celebrations for a long long time to come. *shudder* I hope he’s not serious. *wink*

On the actual day, we went to this place for dinner…

Nothing to shout about. But it has been a while we had dinner together on a weekday so it feels really good. Food wise. No romantic package meal. Afterall, we’re ‘Lo Fu Lo Chai’, those days when hubs will spend RM600 on a Valentine’s meal were looooooong gone.

We ordered wanton noodles and abalone porridge respectively. Ryan on the other hand was being entertained by ‘sotong’ so we somehow managed to get our peaceful Valentine’s dinner. Not bad wat…..