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Teething… again!

Last night Ryan has also developed a raised temperature (not fever cos <37.5C) then when checked… no wonder la. Saw small pearly white crown piercing through the bottom incisor. For the 7th time Ryan is experiencing the teething process. Ryan has 6 visible teeth now (2 lower central incisors, 4 top incisors), the 7th on the bottom is now in midst of breaking out. My usual angel has suddenly turned into a cranky, fussy, drooling, chews-on-everything-in sight little monster.

Behind the smiling pics, below are Ryan’s teething symptoms:
- Fussiness
- Cranky
- Change of sleeping habit (waking up @ 5am!!)
- Drooling
- Bite on his own fingers more
- Muddy like ‘pooh-pooh’ – not till the extent of diarrhea
- Raised temperature (36.9C)
- Drink lesser milk (usually 7 oz, now 5.5 oz)
- Little bit of rashes on face due to drooling

Since last Friday, Ryan has developed this tendency to wake up around 5am. Strangely this cutie will wake up, sit up and start staring left and right at mummy and daddy without making a sound – mummy knows because mummy only pretending to be asleep.. heehee.. This supposedly sleeping mummy will then resume the normal procedure, fed milk, pat-pat-pat and he’ll be back to sleep. Phew~ blame it on teething la.

Ouch!! Ouch!!

Check this out. Mr Lim got scratched by lil monster last night. Ouch! Ouch! Poor babe.

Well,, that is certainly a sure sign that it’s time for nail trimming again. Not that I have been neglecting that bit of mummy’s responsibility but hello??? I just trimmed his nails last Wednesday leh..

It’s a pretty emotional day for me. Met up with a 2 potential buyers today.. Potential buyers? Yeah. I’m selling my car. My beloved City. Since Ryan’s arrival, the current car is evitably a bit cramp to fit all for weekend outing. So.. City has to make way for new mpv..

Note to Ryan: Oh, Ryan cutie.. one day when you’re reading this, do apologise to Daddy ya..

Amateur Blogger

Well, for some reason I become sooooo enthusiastic today that I decided I should start blogging and start bla bla-ing about etc etc etc.

I’m still pretty ameteur in all these but I believe in practise makes perfect, I’m gonna be a pro soon leh..

Let’s share abit about my beloved cutey son Ryan Lim Yuen Jou who is 7 months 1 week 1 day today. Aiseh.. I know I know, a bit late to start blogging about Ryan when he’s already 7 months. But what to do.. this mummy as blur and as procrastinating as usual.

Ryan slept early last night at 10pm. That’s not exactly early for a baby his age but considering his usual bed time is 12am, last night was a bonus hour for Mr Lim (ooh.. my hubs la) and me.

Time flies, I thought I heard ‘ee ee eh eh’ from Ryan and took a peek at lil monster. Sure enough woke up already – but still lying still on bed, not moving an inch, don’t know why so quiet.. then suddenly he smiled (quietly oso) and blink blink turned and saw this mummy staring at him. Alamak.. 5.30am!!! Ryan rolled to his side and sat up. This time no more quiet moment leh.. His then ‘ee ee eh eh’ is now ‘EE EE EE EE EH EH EH EH’ at a much louder volume. Sigh.. have to wake up, made milk and played with this lil monster.

Aah.. mummy so tired and sleepy, not yet crack of sunlight yet….really miss those days I can sleep till ‘sunlight shined over my head’ – direct translation from chinese.. heehee…

Cont to pat pat pat, phew..!! Ryan went back to dreamland at 6.30am. Not too bad la.. one hour of ‘streszzz’ only. Wink Wink……