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Association of the word ‘Mum-Mum’ with Food

@ 11 months 4 days

Ryan is now able to associate the word ‘Mum-Mum’ with food. When he’s hungry (usually ard his feeding time) he’ll say ‘Mum-Mum’. Eg, Yesterday evening while being carried by Yeh-Yeh, Ryan mumbled ‘Mum-Mum’ repeatedly. Since I came home late, I was not aware what time was his last feed (I usually ask MIL but this evening somehow MIL forgot to tell me and I forgot to ask).. later after verifying, we realised Ryan could be hungry as it had been 3.5 hours since his last feed. Aah.. mummy was so blur *slap head*. Siding that at possible coincidence.. later at night hubs was busy bonding with Ryan. Carrying him all around the house. Suddenly when Ryan saw some grapes in a bowl, he mumbled ‘Mum-Mum’ again. Hmm.. can it be sooooooooo coincidence???

*This morning Nanny told me Ryan would get very excited when she opens the fridge. Then he’ll say ‘Mum-Mum’. Hahaha.. so funny. Ryan is such a ‘wai sek meow’ (likes to eat)

Ryan cried for the first time when I left him for work yesterday morning. I was a little taken by surprise as it has never happened before. When I saw his tears my heart sank. I used to envy parents whose baby cry out for them when they left the baby for work. However, when I saw Ryan with tears I despise myself having such thought at the first place. I do not wish to see Ryan with tears anymore.. My heart has never felt so heavy when I jumped in the car this morning.

This morning he cried again…. Poor baby…

Ryan has been tossing and turning on bed almost every night now during the wee wee hours. It has been so many nights that hubs and I have gotten used to it.. frankly. That said, if that continues, sooner or later hubs or I will risk the possibility of being *fried* (fired). Certainly none of us is looking forward to becoming a STAP (Stay at home Parent). I am assuming Ryan’s wee hour *stunts* is short term and a mere phase of bad teething syndrome. I hope I am right. He has been drooling quite badly. Oh and as if that is not bad enough, Ryan now knows how to *play* with his saliva. He will stick his tongue out, with saliva all over and start *bleh, bleh, bleh* (minus the sound) end up with the saliva dripping all over his top!! Sometimes if we’re **lucky**, we gets to see his saliva with all the small bubbles too. Yeaks!!! Then when we warned him “NO RYAN!!”, he again gave you his usual flirty cheeky smile and does that all over again. Eeshhh….!!! Smelly Little Monster!!!

Apart from his daring wobby steps, Ryan now develops a new liking. He will sit on the floor, use his two hands to slide his butt forward and backward (backward most of the time). If sitting position is too tiring.. he will lay flat on his tummy and do the same sliding stunts.. you know like those soldiers in battlefield. Hmm…

I have been using the Pigeon toothbrush on Ryan for a while now. Usually Ryan would knowingly opens his mouth when I bring the brush near. Last Sunday, he decided to be different. See below… decided to get his hands on the brush instead. (guess must be due to teething again….)

11 Month Milestones

@ 11 months

Ryan is now a 11 month *old* baby.. in a month’s time he’ll graduate to become a toddler. Everyone is asking me how am I gonna celebrate the occassion. I seriously don’t know….

At 11 months…
Ryan still has 8 teeth, ??cm (unsure) and 10.1kg. His molar should be shying out anytime..(in view of his evident teething synptoms)

Emotions & Character
* Ryan rarely take things offered to him by strangers.
* Ryan always has this burst of energy during sleep time. Getting him to sleep at night is twice the effort compared to the day.
* Still the usual smiley cheeky baby
* Begin to have fear (shows an evident fear of a plastic ball he has)
* Sleep pattern. Still sings Ryan lullabies. Drinks about 10-12oz of milk just before bed time; split into two rounds. Usually after the first 6 oz of milk, he’ll stop, play for 10 mins and gulp in another 6oz of milk. The pattern continues until he is full and tired for sleep. So, sometimes he drink like 15oz of milk for the last milk feed.
* No longer clears his throat before milk (‘Oek’ – puke sound)
* Shows an evident preference for Daddy

Language & Speech
* Still full of his baby language. Most times we would just guess what he was babbling about except commons words like mum-mum, mama, dada…
* Ryan is able to understand and respond to simple words like sleep, come, sit, where’s the TV (he’ll turn to the TV), where’s the light (will look up), swicth off the lights (will hit the switch), Daddy, MaMa, YehYeh, Mummy, Linda, No, Kiss-Kiss
* Today, I said this to Ryan “Ryan, go take the ball and pass to Mummy”, after a few repetition, he crawled to the ball, grip it using his hand and throw to Mummy. Coincidence or what I don’t know…

* Able to stand without support
* Able to take 4-5 wobbly steps at a time
* Able to stack the colorful rings stacker
* Good handling of pincer grasp
* Likes to use his index finger to point to objects
* Able to do ‘GongXi-GongXi’, clap his hands, hi / bye
* Able to grip his fav ball (basketball) using just one hand
* Able to crawl really well and fast
* Able to indicate what he wants through gestures (he will flung forward when he wants to go to the direction he wants, will point to the thing he likes, will peep the direction he wants you to look at eg when the ball is under chair, he’ll peep at under the chair, peep at you, back to the chair, then you again until we help him remove the ball from under the chair..)
* Able to sound out his dislikes (will MoooMooo.. pitifully)
* Can kneel upright position
* Able to squat from standing position and back up again
* Sometimes he’ll show his manja side, crawl up to us (Mummy/Daddy), lay flat on our chest/tummy and give us a big hug then smile… so cute!!!

* Ryan likes to flip the pages of the books we bought him and will laugh when we read out the words to him. Though his attention span is limited, I’ll always continue to read them loud knowing he could be unconsciously listening.
* Loves to watch Baby Bright 2 (will laugh / clap his hands along)
* Loves to play with his 2 fav balls – basket and football (he’ll raise his hand, ball slightly above eye level, twist his wrist and throw the ball)
* Likes to throw his toys to the side of his car seat (the hole between the seat and the car door)
* Dislike having anything on his head (cap, towel etc)
* Ryan is now able to play with most of his toys the correct way
* Likes to sit Japanese style

* Using Avent Teat No 4
* Milk in the morning
* Solid for lunch (porridge varities include a mixture of cauliflower, potato, carrot, brocolli, spinach, oats, cereal with fruits)
* Milk in the afternoon and night
* Tea (Yoghurt, Ribena, Baby Biscuits)
* Evening Fruits (Pureed Apple, Avocado, Mango)


* Wakes up around 7.45am (to auntie’s place)
* PIL will pick Ryan home around 6pm
* Naps at 7.00pm to approx 8pm
* Mummy home by 8pm* Daddy home by 10.30pm (very late lately)
* Sleep time at 11.30pm (bcos daddy wants to play with Ryan)

* Wakes up around 7.45am
* About 1.5 to 2 hours nap at 11.00am
* Next nap at around 4.00pm (1 – 1.5 hours average)
* Next afternoon nap around 7pm (max 1 hour. Will wake him up at 8pm)
* Sleep time at 12mn

If Ryan misses the evening 7pm nap, he’ll go to bed around 9.30pm (very seldom though).. On average Ryan could stay awake between 5-6 hours at night.So, if he wakes up at 5.30pm, he’ll sleep at around 10.30pm

Hello… I am 11 months now