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Viral Fever Attacked!!

@ 11 months 2 weeks 5 days

Ryan was strucked by the viral fever since Saturday. This time it is fever for real (not the mild raised of temp due to teething). We brought Ryan to the paed on Sunday morning when his fever did not subside after paracetamol (pinkish medicine). Paed performed a thorough check on Ryan and couldn’t find anything suspicious that alarmed the fever. So, he prescribed us Nurofen if his temp raised above 39C.

We got really restless. Of course Ryan’s refusal to take in the medicine added to our worries. We tried all methods (with milk, apple, plain water, poured it into his feeding bowl etc etc). At last we opted to force fed. Ryan wailed so loud and pitifully. My heart sank when I saw and hear his cries but I know this is the only option.

That night neither hubs nor I slept well. I think I woke up like almost every hour to check on Ryan. At 3.30am, I got a shock of my life when I found Ryan’s temp raised up to 39.1C. I quickly woke hubs and force fed Ryan with Nurofen using syringe. Another crying episode ensued.

After medication Ryan’s temp remained high; though below 39C (between 37.9C-38.5C). On Monday night we decided to check in the paed again. We force fed some Nurofen again before we went to see the paed. Paed prescribed anus suppository (both mild and strong) for Ryan after being told of Ryan’s refusal on the liquid medicine and we were told to go back if Ryan’s fever remains high after the suppository. A blood test will be next to foresee.

Ryan’s temp was under control after the dose of Nurofen earlier. It was only the next morning a dose of the mild suppository was inserted into Ryan. He did wail a bit but not as pitiful as taking in the liquid. :P When I called nanny late afternoon, nanny assured me Ryan was all well. Temp remained below 37c. (wipe cold sweats off head)
Last night Ryan was back to his active self. However, I noticed he developed rashes on his torso and was quite alarmed (as usual, I’m always very kan cheong). Hubs convinced me to continue monitoring for a day or two as paed did mention after the fever episode, rashes may developed as sign of healing from the viral. I hope he is right……
Ryan did not show any signs of illness anymore; besides the rashes which has spread to his neck and behind ears.. I read somewhere about Roseola. The symptoms described were identical to Ryan’s. Like any viral fever there is no immediate cure for it, just have to let it run its course and monitor the baby’s temperature. Since Ryan’s fever has subsided, I’m not too alarmed. Just monitor for another day or two on the rashes leh……

Nanny is Back!!!

@ 10 months 3 weeks 3 days

Yoohoo.. I couldn’t contain my joy when I saw nanny this morning. I know it is such an awful, horrible, disgusting thought. I sounded as if I am so happy to leave my baby with someone rather than taking care of him myself. But the inner me truly believes Ryan is happier at nanny’s place (got another cutie baby to play with) and at least all the months under nanny’s care he was never once as sick as he was during the week under mine. Sob sob…

Anyways, the good news is… my hyper Super Baby is back in action!!! Ryan has recovered from his flu, fever and only down with one or two coughs occassionally. I am so so so relieved.

SAHM Day 5

@ 10 months 3 weeks

It has not been exactly a good day. Ryan’s flu and cough is still persisting. Paed assured us no worries as the flu bug will clear in the next few days. (In my heart) Arggh.. but it has been 5 days leh paed!!! Hmm.. patient patient!

Ryan is as usual active and hyper (in my opinion). Thank goodness mummy’s ‘iron’ is back.. so I resumed my ‘tit yan’ (iron lady) role, look after the sick cats (Daddy and Ryan now). Yeah.,, Daddy’s cough has gotten from bad to worse too. ‘Selamba’ knocked out after his cough fix, probably having faith that Ryan will be on poor tired mummy’s good hands. Whole household is sick.. sick.. sick. Sob Sob…

In the evening earlier, Ryan’s temp suddenly shot up to 37.9C. I got panicked. I had been such an ignorant mummy, totally unsuspicious of the temp raise (sooo unlike me.. heehee…). Actually using my bare hand, I knew Ryan was a little warm but it didnt raise any alarm mainly because Ryan was showing no signs of being ill at all and was entirely his usual active self. It was only until Daddy came home and gave Ryan a hug, he asked ‘wah.. why so warm?’ that it raised the alarm. I shouldn’t have been such ignorant.

Anyways, upon realising his temp raise.. being me (kan cheong tai si) I quickly sponged him and gave him his fever medication. As I’m typing now, his temp is down to.. wait..(check temp).. 36.1C (a bit low..). I rechecked and again and yes.. it’s 36.1C (nvm.. at least it’s not high). What a relief. I’ll have to continue to monitor him tonight….

Ooh.. Bug! Stupid Bug! Go Away!!!! Ryan.. get well soon……..

SAHM Day 3

@ 10 months 2 weeks 5 days

Ryan slept at about 10.45pm last night. As soon as he dozed off, for no apparent reason my tears just rolled down my cheek. I let out a long sigh of relief, that Ryan is finally sleeping. I guess I’m just too exhausted. I salute and respect those who became a full time SAHM. I’m counting the days nanny would be back. It’s not that I do not want to spend time and bond with my baby but the attention he requires is way above what I could offer; at least not when both of us are sick. Yes.. Ryan’s flu is still persisting and he’s letting out a few coughs as well.. I hope it won’t developed into something more serious. Probably I should check in the paed again later the day~~~

Note to Ryan: Baby, mummy is really exhausted. You are constantly on the move and mummy had to keep an eye on you every single second worrying you may hurt yourself. I wonder where you get all the energy. Get well soon baby.. and mummy loves you alwaysssss……

2 Sick Cats

@ 10 month 2 weeks 4 days

AAh.. ‘D’ week has arrived. As per our plan, MIL will take the morning shift and I’ll take over the afternoon. ‘Ho sui mm sui’ (bad luck) I caught the flu bug as well. So, I was literally fi-li-feh-leh (sneezing) making wantons all day. Ryan on the other hand was still having a mild runny nose and he will squeak each time I wipe away the disgusting mucous with the baby wipes. Poor baby.

I reached home around 1pm. Found a bruise on Ryan’s cheek. MIL said Ryan slipped and fell on the bed panel. Arrgghh… stupid bed panel again. If only I can get rid of it. Luckily it wasn’t serious.

Ryan played with Linda briefly while I had my express lunch. Fed Ryan some medication and after a short play time, he napped at 2.30pm. I was quite exhausted and I too crashed without a blink. We only woke up at 5.30pm (a record 3 hours nap). Phew…

Ryan missed his evening nap and went to bed at 10pm. He woke up briefly a few times at night but managed to go back to sleep after some assurance pats.

Generally I had a good bonding time with Ryan. Though I was pretty unwell but when I see Ryan smiling happily and crawled to me when I reached home yesterday, it was all worth it. (yes! yes! Ryan crawled to mummy).

I look forward to another day of SAHM.. Wish me luck.