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Ryan’s Little Naughty Tricks

@ 10 months 3 weeks 6 days

Scary Ball-Ball
I do not understand the logics behind Ryan’s fear of this squeezie basket ball. We bought 2 softballs for Ryan couple weeks back from Toys ‘R Us. He loves it as he is able to grib it easily using his tiny hands b4 he starts throwing it around. But due to his teething symptoms (I think his right molar is coming out), he developed the liking of biting the balls too (rubber!!). So last few days I bought another one – a different one. Though a little heavier with different texture, the look of it is the same.. at least the surface is not easily bitten off. I thought I could keep the two balls aside and let him play with the new one but…..

Can you spot the difference?

Somehow some reason, our cheeky Ryan was not easily deceived. He could spot the difference and will stay away from the new ball. I seriously don’t know why. His fear of the new ball is so evident that he will not even go near the ball. So, I have actually kept it aside until last night suddenly hubs came out with his brilliant idea. Knowing Ryan is so attracted to plugs, switches, cables and what not, so all we did was put the ball next to the plugs etc and Ryan will not go near. As simple as that. It was such a funny sight. but hey at least it works, Ryan is kept away from danger (at least for as long as his fear for the ball lasts).


Wobbly Little Steps
Ryan has been taking 4-5 wobby steps at a time now. My heart drops out everytime he does that. Ryan would be leaning again something (wardrobe, chair what not), then he would turn around, pose with the cheeky smile of his a bit and suddenly make his steps to wherever he was heading at lightning speed. Luckily the room is well padded with mattress, pillows etc.. else I do not know how many bumps he will get on his head and how many heart attacks mummy will suffer. Phew~~


Tricks during milktime
Now that Ryan is able to hold his own bottle, he is no longer the kwai-kwai (good) baby who lay still on bed/pillow during feeds. Typical milktime stunts…

Half way through his milk, he’ll sit up and start playing with things around him. This time it was Daddy’s control.

PlayPen Tricks
Ryan knows it when I said no-no it really means NO. I have taught Ryan on ‘leg down first’ logic when it comes to coming down from the bed, the stairs, chair etc etc etc. When Ryan did the opposite (head down first instead), I’ll stop him, say No-No, and he’ll know to turn his body around and move his legs down first. Of course, at times when this mummy is all tired and ignorant knowing the floor is padded.. I’ll just allow Ryan to explore himself freely. This is what happened….

Ryan *sliding* head down first (yes.. he was sliding….)

Resting his leg on the playpen while he watches his DVD

Itchy hands on the playpen panel

Engrossed with the show (Baby Bright 2 again………… *slap head*)

Playing Shape Sorter with Daddy

@ 10 months 2 weeks 6 days

I am pretty amazed with Ryan’s development on his dexterity skills. Also, his ability to understand basic instruction is also more evident. Managed to capture a short clip of Ryan engaged in a shape sorter game with Daddy. While watching his all time fav Baby Bright show nowadays, he will also clap along the tune when he saw the little bird clapping its wings…so cute. **If only he is not so hyper…**