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Rashes Go Away!

@ 8 months 1 day

Eversince I bought the multi tasking food processor I’ve been exploring various types of food for Ryan. Yesterday I made this:


1) Steamed porridge with chicken soup

2) Blend chicken (cube size) and broccoli

3) Mix all with porridge

4) Yummy~~ yummy~~

Ryan finished the whole bowl; must be the taste (chicken as flavouring leh). So I thought not bad leh.. finished everything, will prepare the same for him tomorrow. Little did I expect this morning Ryan woke up with rashes all over his face esp. mouth area. Arrggh.. NO!!!! What could have been the allergen? Chicken cubes (first time I prepared)?? Broccoli (err.. had before, no rashes), what else?? He had apple juice yesterday and a very very small piece of grapes. That’s all… Hmm, I really don’t know. See, Ryan is a baby with sensitive skin and has always on special bath cleanser, cream and even his milk (on soy based Isomil) so I have been extra careful in his day to day care, diet and what not. So what happened? Again, I really don’t know.

Anyway, no turning back. As I’m typing this, Ryan is napping and I’ve applied a thin layer of Efficort (hydrocortison cream) in hope he’ll wake up with his usual handsome and cutie cheeky face. Pray hard cutie Ryan will recover from that ugly patches soon. Sigh…

Note to Ryan: Sorry cutie. Mummy wasn’t sure what caused the allergy. Will be more careful next time.

8 Months Milestones

@ 8 months

Yoohoo.. Ryan is 8 months old today. Time really really flies. He’s about 9.5kg and 74cm height and has got 6 teeth (4 top, 2 bottom), another one on the bottom is still shying its way out. I’ll dedicate this post to sum up my assessment on cutie little Ryan’s development:

Emotions & Character
* Ryan will cry his pitiful cry of his (infact I wouldn’t agree it’s a real cry) when we left him alone (sign of manja)
* Will cry (this one real cry – with tears) when he sees other baby cry
* Don’t like to be held, will wiggle his way down and if we insist of carrying, he’ll show his dissatisfaction through his own baby language (Eerrggghh!!)

Language & Speech
* Always speaks in his own baby language
* Heard Ryan called out ‘ma-ma’ once when mummy left him to go next room. Most of the time he’ll ‘A a a a a A a a ‘ “Errr Errr Errr rr”

* Ryan can sit unsupported
* Can crawl (with one leg up.. LOL)
* Can prop up from sitting position to standing effortlessly
* Likes to let go and stand with hands in the air (although very short lived, in seconds he’ll drop down)
* Can cruise in circle when put in playpen
* He’ll mimic my hand movements – open/close his fist especially when I sing Twinkle Twinkle to him before he sleeps
* Can maneuver the direction he wants to go while on walker

* Likes to stand up during ‘Pom-Pom’
* Always with his cheeky smile – even to strangers
* She doesn’t like to hold his bottle, he used to be more eager when it comes to milk time and will reach out for bottle when he was younger. Now he acts like a boss, expecting to be fed by this seemingly tireless mummy
* Likes to bang things especially hard objects together or onto the floor – he likes the sounds out of it
* He likes to take away toys from others (very bad.. hv to start teaching him on the ethics of sharing.. hehehe…)
* Likes to play with stuff he’s not supposed to play with especially remote and mummy’s handphone
* Likes to throw his toys down from hi-chair and will stare down looking for them. When we picked them up for Ryan, he’ll throw them down again – assume we’re playing with him
* Likes to play peek-a-boo
* Always fascinated with his own reflection on the mirror
* Likes to look at other babies
* Likes to watch Baby Bright (Vol 1; Vol 2 so so only)
* Seems to have a preference for everyone except mummy (maybe I am always the bad guy in the family.. always the one who ‘teach’ him. Sob sob)
* Cannot sit still on stroller (esp when stationary) – that makes our meal outing really a challenge. Phew~~
* Likes to hear “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Time to Sleep Now” lullaby before sleep
* Likes to climb on top our body for support to stand up – before he let go both hands again
* Likes to bite his fingers due to teething
* Don’t like to be rocked or held to sleep – prefers to lay on bed wi a few pats
* Likes to shout – esp when he’s trying to untangle the linking alphabets

* About 7 oz of milk in the morning
* Cereal (rice cereal mix with Heinz apple) for breakfast
* Milk in the afternoon
* Juices in the afternoon (he loves apple juice)
* Steamed porridge in the evening (broccoli, carrot, chicken cubes blend – yummy)
* Milk before sleep

* Wake up around 8am (to auntie’s place)
* PIL will pick Ryan home around 6pm
* Mummy home by 8pm
* Daddy home by 9.30pm
* Sleep time at 11pm

* Wake up around 8am
* Usually half hour nap at 9.30am
* Next nap at 12.30pm (sometimes 1 hour)
* Next afternoon nap around 4pm (sometimes Ryan will skip this nap if he took a long noon nap
* Last nap at 7pm
* Sleep time at 11pm