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I’ve been Tagged

Oops.. I’ve been tagged by Sasha.. here goes:

5 things you don’t know about me:

1) I have a phobia of Octopus
Yeah.. serious. I can’t bear the sight of octopus; to be precise – their tentacles (err.. to be more more precise the round round things on their tentacles). In fact, I have a phobia of all round round things that are grouped together – even sago. Heehee…

2) I have nickname
Every of my relative calls me Ah Girl. Imagine, at this age when I visit them, they are still like Ah Girl, Ah Girl, Ah Girl….

3) Record weight
I have a record weight – the lightest was 43kg when I was still studying in England – yeah, “mo tham ho sek” and stresszz lor…oh and my record heaviest was 65kg when I was pregnant with Ryan. Geng leh! I am now in the average (heheh.. so u know what’s my weight now leh)

4) Kiasu Buying Obsession
When I buy I can be soo obsessed that I will buy few pieces/pairs of the same design (but different colours) – they ranges from shoes, handbags, clothes etc… :P

5) Condisering PPP
Hmm.. yalor. I’m very tempted to start PPP; especially after getting to know how REWARD$NG it can be through Shannon . (Blink blink)

Err.. who I want to tag? Most kena tagged before already..maybe only one new blogger mummy
1) Chewlee (Baby Malaika)