The fear of thunder

Lil B @ 2 years 8 months

This is what happens whenever the thunder rumbles. 😩😩








Just a moment ago, Loida told me Lil B did not show fear when I was away fetching Ryan from eNopi (It was raining cats and dogs with loud thunder when I was away). Mmm.. So it makes me wonder if his fear is for real or saja manja. Just like in the pic below. Lil B was actually fussing about the thunder and wanted kor kor to hug him.



Lil B doesn’t look any bit like he’s scared.

9th Registration Anniversary

For a moment I lost count how many years has it been since we solemnize our marriage.

This year we had it simple, we’ll not that it used to be elaborated but this year it was just the two of us.

It was a Wednesday, 12th Sept. I met hubby at Pavilion.




We settled for Thai cuisine. Ambience was good and food was delish.

After dinner we took a stroll and decided to try out this dessert bar Hui Lau Shan. It took a while for our order to come. When it arrives, the most clumsy waitress spilled 1/8 of the dessert on my dress, and to my dismay it was not even what I’ve ordered. Again, it took them like 5-10 minutes to sort that out. Grrr….

Hacken Lee Concert

Hubs and I went for Hacken Lee concert on the 24th August 2012 at Genting Highlands.

It was a long day especially after an energy draining and blasting fun afternoon at Qi Zhen’s (Aunty Shu Hui) house. The kids had so much fun they refused to go home. How can I blame them when the house is literally a kid’s dream playhouse. The kids spent hours torturing catching longkang fishes in the pond, climbing up and down the tree house, bay blading and what not. After 7 hours, the house was a mess. Thank you Auntie Shi Hui for having us.


We reached Genting at about 7pm. Concert was scheduled to start at 8pm. So we were on time despite the earlier drizzle and slow traffic.


Hacken belted many oldies alike walking down memory lane. There was a lot of chemistry between him and the crowd so it was really entertaining. One fan who daringly asked for photograph was invited on stage to perform a duet. The fan politely declined saying he could not sing but Hacken insisted. Our jaws literally dropped after the fan hit his first note. Not bad at all. Haha.. Even Hacken remarked there are many hidden talents in Malaysia.

Overall it was a good show. I was feeling a little light headed, I always do after all the turns and twist up hill but it was all worth it. Good show!