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Bitten in school… :(

@ 33 months 2 weeks 5 days 

Ryan resumed school yesterday after 10 long holidays break. He was all jovial and couldn’t wait to be in his class. He greeted the teachers Gong Xi Fa Cai and was smiley all the way. I gave him the usual goodbye hugs and kisses and made my way out of the classroom. He made no fuss. Yippeeeee!!!! He’s happy, mommy is happy.


This morning he woke up and told us he doesn’t want to go school. It was the first time he said so since school started last month. I was quite surprised to hear that as he has never said those words even during the first week when he was still crying out of separation anxiety. Anyway, after some coaxing he was happy and all geared for school.

When we reached the school compound, he began hugging me tightly. The minute we reached the classroom, he started asking me not to go. I reasoned with him that mommy can’t stay and will pick him up at 11am. Teacher distracted him with some toys and I stepped out of the classroom after saying my goodbyes. I came out and peeped at him through the window as usual. Minutes later, he ran to the door and started crying looking for mommy. I went in and comforted him. After a few minutes he was ready to let me go for good. This time he didn’t cry and was back to his jovial self. Phew..

I peeped at Ryan for a litle while longer to ensure he’s all okay before making my way home. I was relieved he never cried when I left the second time yet I was puzzled at the sudden change in him.

I went to school a little earlier today to pick Ryan. I found out from some mommies who were there earlier that Ryan was bitten by a boy (bully) and he was crying loudly. OMG!!! I peeped through the window and true enough Ryan was being comforted by one of the teachers (still sobbing). I couldn’t be more relieved when Ryan stopped crying after a short while but I was determined to find out the cause.

After school, I asked the teacher. She told me the boys were snatching toys from each other and that was why Ryan cried. Huh? That was not what the mommies told me. Anyway, I asked Ryan if his friend bit him. He said YES and when I asked who bit him, spontaneously he pointed to Bully. Ryan tapped on his shoulder when I asked him where he was bitten. I checked, holy moly, true enough, there was a bite mark! I was super furious and confronted the teacher right away. She explained she checked but did not see the bite mark. Well, although the mark wasn’t really obvious unless you pull down the shirt to check (which I did) as it was at the back of the shoulder but for the teacher to be so careless, c’mon I cannot accept that kind of explanation. A child suddenly cried in class and you actually did suspect he may be bitten, wouldn’t it make sense to check more thoroughly to make sure the poor child wasn’t badly hurt elsewhere?? Especially the case when the teachers knew this boy has a history of snatching and biting other kids (Bully bit another girl last week though the injury was not as bad as Ryan’s). Duh!

Well after making my point, the teachers apologised profusely but I still couldn’t accept their ignorance. I lodged an official complain and will speak with the principal and the Bully’s parent tomorrow. I know this make me sound very protective of my son.. but as a parent, who isn’t? I want him to grow and learn to protect himself yet what kind of a mother I am if I allow my son to be repeatedly bullied right. I’m just hoping he won’t be too traumatised and start hating school. I wonder if that is the reason why he wants me to stay this morning. Sobsss….. poor boy.

The first few days of school….

@ 33 months

Ryan turned 33 months today and what a day to remember. Today, being the 7th day at school, finally he stopped crying. He was close to tears but he held back. He actually said ‘okay mommy‘ when I told him I’m just going to stay outside the door to take pictures and videos of him. We gave each other goodbye hug and a kiss and I walked out of the door. I was actually anticipating his cries but VOILA .. to my pleasant surprise, he shed no tears today. Infact he got busy right away, checking out the toys, puzzles what not while the teachers were busy settling down other crying babies. Ngek ngek ngek.. Bravo Ryan!!!!!!! Mommy is sure proud of you!!!!!


Ryan started his first day at school on the 8th Jan 09. I was so anxious about the whole thing that I didn’t sleep well the night before.

That morning all of us woke up around 7.15am. Daddy had taken leave to accompany us to the school. We reached the school around 8.15am. Since N1 (3 year olds) students will only attend Circle Time Term 2 (obvious reasons) so we need not go to the assembly hall. Instead we got straight to the classroom.

Ryan was very happy in class which I am not surprised since there were many toys and books laying around. He helped himself with the trucks, puzzles etc. Of all, he was particularly fond of the horsy toys. I don’t know why but he like them so much he wanted to bring them home. Ryan truly enjoyed songs and stories time. Well, sessions like these are not new to him so I guess he probably feel a sense of familiarity. On this day, both hubs and I stayed with him throughout the 3 hours. To my relief, he was able to take on instructions well and answer when teachers asked him question. Save me from worrying he wouldn’t be able to express himself. Teacher was quite amazed at how well Ryan behaved and actually said this boy is one independant boy. Hahaha.. let’s see.  

Day 1. Looking a bit scared and lost when we first arrived…. 

On day 2, the crying started. No.. not Ryan. Some kids started crying because they simply refused to get into the classroom even under the parents/guardians companion. Of course some parents have chosen a more cruel but effective way to cope with separation anxiety by leaving their kid with the teacher right from the start. For me, I chose to stay. Again, Ryan behaved well throughout the class and participated in the activities/games. I did try my luck a few times by leaving the room. I told Ryan I’m just going to the toilet and will be back in no time. He said okay… but when reality hits and he realised mommy is no longer in sight, the crying starts. Poor boy. So on day 2, I actually stayed with him most of the time.

Day 2. Ryan opened up and was able to participate in most of the activities (with mommy by the side though)

Day 3 was the last day parents are allowed to stay on in the class. Today I refused to let Ryan cling on me. I stood at the back of the class and asked him to participate and do everything on his own. It was quite difficult at first as he kept running back to me for comfort but after a while he got the hint. Occassionally he turned his head to make sure I was still around. That night, same like the previous nights, I continue to tell him about stories of school, his friends, etc etc etc.. and showed him the videos and pictures I took.

Day 3. During gym session

Day 4, the nightmare began. Parents were asked to leave the room after their first toilet break. There were so much cryings everywhere (from other classes too) that I thought it’s going to bring down the whole school. I told Ryan I will go out to buy a pressie for him and will be back by 11 o’clock (no.. he doesn’t know how to read the time but I have been teaching him to recognise 11 o’clock). Expectedly Ryan was okay for the first few mins but when reality hits again, the wailing starts. Sotong couldn’t contain her tears. I almost cried myself but I controlled and held back my tears. I even told Sotong, “it’s okay.. it’s natural for kids to cry. This is a phase all has to go through”. I want to laugh now that I think of it. Did I actually say that?? LOL. 

I stepped away to the canteen as the crying was just too much to bear. Sotong was tasked to monitor Ryan and text me with updates every 15 minutes. After about half hour, I got the long awaited sms from Sotong. Ryan had stopped crying. So does everyone else. Phew….. great relief! 

When I picked him up after school, his eyes were a little puffy but he still gave me the biggest smile of his when I showed him a Pooh bear which I bought from Popular bookstore in the school. Well, I kept my promise on the pressie bit. :D

Day 4. Being comforted by one of the teachers (Liang laotsi). While some were just sobbing, this boy was definitely screaming his lungs out. Sobs…..

Day 5. I brought him to the school playground before class starts in hope to settle him better. He was all happy jolly until the minute we reached the class. Right after we stepped in, he clinged on to me like a koala. I thought to myself, sigh.. another crying episode. The teacher tried to coax him but to no avail. I have to toughen up. After a hug and goodbye kiss, I left him with the teacher and left the room. I hid around the corner outside the room and peeped at him. My heart breaks again. Yes. Another crying episode indeed. Again, I stepped away and asked Sotong to update me every 15 minutes. I went to the canteen and joined other heart breaking mommies pouring our hearts out. 30 mins later, the sms came. Ryan stopped crying. Phew… I bought him a small little pressie again to cheer him up after school. I know.. bribery is wrong… but it works wonder you know.. whatever it takes to get a smile on the little fella’s face.

Day 5. Participating in one of the story telling. I wonder what was he telling the teacher. :D

Ryan did better in school on day 6. Although he still cry when I left him but the extreme of it was much much milder. To my relief, he only cried for 10 minutes. I monitored him for a short while after which I decided I should go home for a good break myself.

We didn’t go playground today. Instead I brought Ryan to see the fountains near the school’s canteen. He loves water.

Today, day 7th. Ryan earned a perfect score from mommy! No crying! He actually gave me a hug and kiss before saying goodbye. I asked Mrs Goh (English teacher) how did it go with Ryan today. The feedback was good. She said Ryan did very well in class. He’s always keeping himself busy. He’s a very curious boy with an inquisitive mind and he asked a lot of questions. Ryan is also good with blocks (finger training). 

Day 7. at the outdoor playground.

It has been a long and exhausting week but I feel extremely good today. It’s like seeing all the hardwork finally bearing some fruits. I definitely feel on cloud 9 today. Have a good weekend everyone. :D