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@ 2 months

Today marked the exact 2 months since lil b arrives into this world. Looking back, the last two months were such whirlwind experience filled with so many unexpected memories of both ups and downs. I swear I had never been through a more stressful and challenging two months in my entire 30 plus years of life. 

Where shall I even begin? Mmm….

Lil b was not born perfectly healthy. Shortly after making his appearance on the morning of 22nd Jan, he was wheeled to the observation room for tests and chest X-ray. Reason, lil b had let out an unusual cry caused by possible obstructed airway. In short, he wasn’t breathing properly as a normal newborn should. To me, I couldn’t tell the difference and it didn’t occur to me anything serious would befall on lil b. Maybe because everybody were acting strangely calm throughout the entire procedure.

The midwives made a few more attempts to suction out possible remaining secretion from lil b’s airway, both mouth and nose that may have caused the obstruction. Half way through, lil b’s cries were back to normal. Everybody were sure relieved, including my obgyn who was busy stitching me up. Just when we thought the worst is over, things took another turn. After a few normal cries, lil b was seen gasping for air again. After giving me a short brief and assuring me everything’s in good hands, the midwives were out of my sight in minutes together with my newborn.

I swear I was so heavily sedated from the epidural that I wasn’t sure how to react. I thought I heard one of the midwives said something like ‘phlegm, phlegm..’ earlier so I assumed lil b was nothing more than just being a phlegmy baby. 

After lil b was wheeled away, reality began to strike. My mood sunk, and I began to worry. Hubby was with me throughout the whole experience but that doesn’t make the situation any better. Can tell he was in a state of shock himself. Thankfully, the midwives were helpful by providing me updates from time to time.

We stayed in the labour room for the next hour or so while the ward room was being cleaned. It was an agonising wait. I asked hubs to go check out lil b’s progress.

Hubs came back awhile later and brought along some good news. He had met with the paed. While it was not possible to determine the reason for the obstructed airway, the good news is lil b’s airway seemed to have clear miraculously; all without any aid. Miracle? We don’t know.  According to the paed, he was in the midst of preparing the tube (meant for insertion into the mouth to clear the airway) when lil b showed sudden remarkable breathing improvement; with 100% optimum oxygen intake. “maybe he knew if he doesn’t breath properly in the next minute or so, misery was gonna befall on him *smile*” 

The X ray results came out the next morning.  There were some possible infections spotted on the lungs and to be on a safe side the paed decided to put lil b was put on a course of antibiotics for 7 days; all that despite lil b showing no sign of illness anymore. I was a little skeptical about the whole antibiotics thing but I guess we just have to trust the experts.

Lil b spent the first 4 days in NICU and remaining 3 days in nursery. On the 3rd day of his life, he developed jaundice (apparently baby with blood group A/B born to blood group O mommy has the tendency to develop severe jaundice. Lil b falls under such category). No risk were taken, he was put under the light.

The cause of infection was unknown but the highest possibility was suspected to be the meconium that lil b may have swallowed at birth (a slightly lower amniotic fluid was detected during my last check up). There were many other possibilities that may cause an infection on newborn and there is no way to be 100% sure. Although I was very curious to find out the root cause, I told the doctors what I cared most then was for them to treat, rather than to dwell on assumptions. It was quite a depressing sight seeing all the healthy babies in nursery and my kesian lil b segegrated in another crib under the UV light with hand bandaged for the IV line (antibiotics). All I wished for was really to bring home my baby soonest possible.  

I stayed in the hospital for 2 nights. On the 3rd day, my hectic routine started. I travelled 50km a day to the hospital; to see lil b, to hug him, to talk to him, to cuddle, to nurse and importantly to care and shower him with all the love from home. He may not be able to communicate, but I just know he knew mommy was there to protect him….

 On the 7th day, we were finally able to bring lil b home. We went to the hospital early that Friday 29th morning. I was very excited that the night before seemed to crawl. We headed straight to the nursery but lil b was not yet ready. So we went to my obgyn’s office for my checkup and then to the paed’s clinic for final briefing before discharge.

We waited impatiently for the nurses at the nursery to get lil b ready; the discharge package, the forms, the immunisation card etc. At around 12.30pm, lil b was all geared for home sweet home. All forms signed and goodbye waved. My lil b was finally in my arms heading a place we all call HOME.

…. more to come