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Happy Mother’s Day

@ 24 months 3 weeks 5 days

Thanks for all the well wishes. Ryan’s much better today, no fever, no flu, all looks good. Nonetheless, we spotted loose tools twice today but paed pre empted it’s pretty normal with Augmentin which he will complete the course in another 5 days. I hope and pray he’ll fully recover and be given a clean bill of health when we visit the paed this coming Friday to make sure his ear infection is totally healed.

It’s a boring Mother’s Day. No card, no pressie, no dinner, no mood, nothing. I began to feel my butt is permanently glued to the sofa / bed. Hehe.. okay, a bit of exxageration there but it has been days since Ryan is grounded at home for the sake of his full recovery and I’m feeling extremely helpless.

When chewlee‘s bro dropped by earlier to pick up chewlee’s stuff, I jokingly teased Ryan that korkor’s here to catch mommy. Gosh.. that resulted in endless stickiness and crankiness thereafter. I cannot even have my dinner without the little fella demanding comfort from me. I’m not complaining. Matter of fact I missed his affections. *blushed*

During bedtime, as usual he started his drama all over again. Insisted he wants to go out and play. I switched off the lights anyway and predictably he started wailing. I passed him his milk and pretended to cry myself. Then I asked him…

Mommy: *sobbing* You don’t sayang mommy anymore? You don’t want to stay here with mommy? *cont sobbing*
Ryan: Mommy… (Turn to me and gave me a big hug… then a big muaks. Ouch… feel so in love).
Mommy: (Wanted more) *sobbing* Mommy go out now, okay?
Ryan: No! No! No! (shaking big No No with his index finger and cuddled next to me)
Mommy: (Beaming silently in dark. Hehehe….)

…… a moment of silent was what it takes for him to doze off to Zzzz-land. Poor baby, must have been really tired. I switched on the side lamp, looking at the little face of my son, ouchhh… I feel soooo utterly sweeeeeeeeet.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. It’s not a bad celebration for me afterall… hope you gals had fun yourself. *smile*

Now What??

24 months 3 weeks 2 days

Ryan was down with a fever again yesterday afternoon. Though mild (37.7C), that was sufficient enough for me to raise the alarm bell. I mean, how could he be sick again? On and off fever for the last 13 days is not normal. Last night I barely sleep so to monitor his temperature. Just before he slept I administered suppository to break his fever (38.4C) and also in hope for him to have a good night sleep. Luckily it worked. He was tossing about but temp remained under control (< 38C).  Not surprisingly I barely sleep considering I’m always a Mat Worried. I was so determined I must must must bring him go see a paed the first thing in the morning.

This morning Ryan woke up with no fever but I insisted to bring him to the paed at Paragon Medical, highly recommended by my cuz. To my much relief, after a thorough check he confirmed Ryan is down with a middle ear infection. Well, not that it is any good news but at least it’s nothing too serious. No wonder I’ve seen him scratching his ears quite a number of times. Poor baby. So many infections in the last 2 weeks, throat, flu, cough, teething, throat again then now ear infection. Sigh. Poor Ryan had been through so much in the last 2 weeks. He has never been sick for such a long period of time before. His appetite is average but milk intake is normal (phew) and of course still active as ever.

I wanted to find out more on multi vits, immune booster supplements for Ryan but looks like this doc strongly discourages young toddlers being dependant on it. We had a long chat as he was trying to find out more of our family medical background for better diagnosis. He suspect Ryan may have gotten Daddy’s bad genes (tonsilitis, near ashmatic history). He explained kids with underlined sensitive nose tends to get sick easier esp. throat infection/ear infection. Pitiful. 

Ryan’s on another course of Augmentin antibiotics. This time for 7 days. Paed consultation is very expensive in Singapore. We paid SGD$200 for this visit. I hope it’s well worth and Ryan will get better SOON. Have to go get another pack of Vitagen now. I wanna cry.


Pics taken after paed’s visit. Poor boy. Already so skinny, now skinnier. To cheer up the lil fella, he received a surprise gift from this korkor.
Thank you so much. The gift sure brought a little smile back on his face.


Terrible 2 signs….

@ 24 months 2 days

I was really upset with Ryan since the last few days. He has been misbehaving big time. Every single thing would easily tickles his dancing bone (jumping). It doesn’t bother him whether he was on the ground, bed, chair, table, our body or whatsoever. He has mastered the skill of jumping so much so that he can jump and spread his leg at the same time. So when he land, he’ll land with a V sign. *slaphead*

I was particularly disappointed with Ryan yesterday when he again acted like a loose monkey during the Shichida class. Really don’t understand why he likes to jump so much – or as he calls it ‘dancing’. He so called danced on the chair, on my lap for countless times – he jumped during flash cards, phonics, story and of course songs time. Despite my every effort to restrain him, it proved futile. My nagging for him to stop fell on deaf ears. I do not want to raise my voice in class so I just kept low but my blood was sure boiling hot shooting up my head. I was so glad when the sayonara song was sang – which marks the end of the class. Arrghhh….

For the whole day yesterday I was in hot pan mode. I really do not want to spank him so I hide myself in the room most of the time and I told him mommy is upset with his behaviour and will not speak with him. Not sure if he understands the severity of my words. But when I closed the door behind him, there goes.. the wailing, screaming, knocking, kicking, banging… etc etc. I just turned on a deaf ear too as I really want to teach him a lesson. Sotong of course being the usual mediator asked Ryan to apologise. Ryan continued to cry for a moment, kept saying ‘awie mommy.. awie mommy…“ and I finally opened the door when he started making puke sound. OK la.. so pitiful to see a red faced baby crying with tears, mucous all over the face begging for forgiveness.

Please please… is this the start of a terrible 2?

An addition to his Thomas and friends collection. Thank you Malaika’s Mommy


We were at Bintan

@ 24 months 1 day

11th – 13th April, the days we spent at Bintan, Indonesia; an island about 1 hour ferry ride from Singapore. We boarded the 11.00am ferry (Indera Bupala). The  water was very choppy and the ride was very uncomfortable for all of us. Not long after, we started to feel sea sick. Ryan was still jumping up and down throughout the journey until half an hour before the ferry docks we noticed a sudden silent pause from him. Not suspecting anything amiss we assumed he was likely sleepy. He kept mum for a few minutes and held close to daddy’s arms before a huge pile of vomit came out of his mouth in like nano seconds. Poor baby.

Just before he puked during the ferry ride to Bintan

We reached Bintan Ferry Terminal @ 11am local time. Booked a taxi to Angsana Resort for SGD28 return per cab (10 mins). Luckily I did not advance booked through hotel who charges USD11 per pax one way else Im sure I’ll be cursing on my own stupidity! (Hubs actually asked me to book through hotel initially to save ourselves from the hassle when we arrive.. men… oh men..)

When we reached the hotel lobby, we were a little disappointed. Considering the room rates they are commanding we were expecting more tastefully designed reception area. Nonetheless service was pretty good. Staff were very attentive; ‘ibu’ ‘ibu’ greetings all the way.

The resort’s main lobby

The suite room was not bad. Two bedrooms with a living, kitchen, a private sundeck, jacuzzi and a small garden with direct access to the beach. We ordered room service for our lunch. Was shocked when we looked at the price list. Everything in USD apart, a plate of Nasi Goreng was USD11++ (20% tax)  each. I ordered that together with peanut sauce. Yummy-licious!

Ryan was already in his beauty nap when the adults also decided to take a breakie to recuperate from the torturing ferry ride. 2 hours later we woke up. While hubs was busy working (yea.. how sucks but better than him not turning up for the trip) we strolled down the beach. The water was very clean and the sand was white and fine. Ryan had a splendid time jumping and running around dipping himself in the water. Busy daddy finally joined us not long after before the day starts to get dark. My two boys managed to get some quality bonding time together.

Cosy master bedroom

That night we went to a restaurant at Pasar Oleh Oleh for dinner (15 mins away). Business must be bad. They were willing to provide free return transportation. Ordered lots of food, meat, tofu, vege, soup, crab, chicken, all for SGD90 keeping all 4 adults with a full tummy. Not a bad deal. Ryan on the other hand already had his meal in the hotel. Ryan is a picky eater. Refused to eat the table food. How odd is that right. Table food with all the msg and yet he doesn’t like. Luckily we brought along the ingredients for his 3 days’ meal from Singapore and cooked in the room.

Yummy Nestum Crab

Day 2

Spent the morning at the pool. MaMa did not swim and I only dipped into the pool much later after I was done with all the crazy clickings and snappings. After an hour or so, the sun was already shining directly above our head when it was only 11am local time so we had to head off. Ryan was evidently not pleased so we turned on the jacuzzi for another round of chill for the lil fella. Definitely relaxing and rejuvenating.

Happily playing with the bubbles

In afternoon, hubs and I indulged ourselves in some good spa massage. Hubs chose the Fusion treament while I chose Ibu Secret. Massage was really good but 60 mins was simply too short. Also, we regret we did not get the outdoor room. Sighs…

Later in the afternoon we brought Ryan to the Kids’ Club. The resort normally charges a fee of USD35 per kid for a day’s use at the club which includes baby sitting. Since Ryan does not need any babysitting we were only charged per activity we did. Ryan did lots of coloring and was messing with the books and toys (all FOC.. phew) and later we painted clay turtle; that cost us USD6. Still ok la…

Colorful turtle….

At night we dined at the hotel. Food selection was really poor. Expectedly I had another meal of Nasi Goreng. Simply love the peanut sauce.

Day 3

We requested for a late checkout. It was drizzling a bit so we did not go to the pool again. Instead we spent more time in the jacuzzi. For Ryan, so long there’s water it doesn’t matter whether he’s in a pool, beach, jacuzzi or even the bath tub.

We were entitled for this 15% discount at the Galleria. So when Ryan was napping I indulged myself with some last minute shopping. Didn’t really manage to get anything with the voucher cos most items are on sale. In the end I bought two Angsana  bags as souvenirs for myself (40% disc). Ngek Ngek.. Hubs was teasing me saying I could use the bag as lunch bag when I eventually start working one day. I wonder what was he trying to hint. After Ryan’s nap, we checked out at 1pm. We stopped by at the highly hyped (on tourist websites) factory outlet located next to the terminal. I have not seen a more disappointing factory outlet goods than this one. Sigh…. what a let down.

My souvenirs…

Our ferry was at 2.30pm. For the returning journey we managed to get executive cabin for the time we wanted. It was definitely more room of fresh air than the common area. Ryan was as usual jumping around, going up and down the seat. I just don’t understand where he gets all the energy. Aren’t he bits tired? The journey was also pretty disturbing and bumpy. So we were worried Ryan may get sea sick again but despite our countless efforts we failed to confine him to his seat. Sotong was half dead half way through the journey so I took over the babysitting despite feeling nauseated myself. Ryan was active and bubbly until like 5 minutes before ship docks when he suddenly came to mommy looking unusual. I knew he was going to puke. So I quickly held him close in hope to settle him. Not knowing his son was unwell, this smart daddy who saw some sailing boats quickly pulled Ryan up from his comfort zone. Probably due to shock and reflux Ryan puked and lucky daddy got the honour of Ryan’s pile of vomit again. Hehe

Enjoying the view

In the cab while on the way back to our house, Ryan was pretty silent. He insisted a seat of his own and putting on the seatbelt. I wonder what was on his mind…….. (too short of a holiday maybe??)

Looking stoned here…Noticed the mismatch of clothes?

Oki.. Oki.. can see my pic on the mosaic??.. I was there at Bintan too….Hehe

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