Do you think your child has the look?

This article came out in the local paper a couple days back. It appeared like any other normal stories that covers the profile of child models (aka child babes) right? Wonder why they have to use the word “babes”… macam Baywatch babes. :P Anyways, check out the front page.

Nothing speacial right. Look closely…..


Yes. One assignment easily $3000 (that’s like RM7k) which probably only requires a couple of hours’ work. More than what an average working person could earn in a month. Slurpsss… Jealous leh… same here lor. Too bad my son doesn’t have ‘meng seng’ look else I can start shaking leg at home counting monies. Now, my dream of becoming a ‘seng ma’ (star mommy) is pretty much smashed. BUT… if you think your sweetie boy / daughter has the look then no harm giving it a shot. Let me know.. I give you the agency name ya..

Oopss.. does this sound like a spon sored post?? Muahahahaa.. go figure……

Mickey’s Live Magic Show

@ 19 months 1 week 3 days

It was a day we were really looking forward to. Yes, it was Ryan’s first live show and it is no other than Mickey’s Live Magic Show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. We were a little wary at first not knowing if Ryan would be able to sit still; not to mention enjoy the 1.5 hours show. Anyways, 2 weeks before the show we decided to go for it. Afterall, Ryan is an aficionado of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show on TV.

When I called the Sistic hotline, I was pretty disappointed after knowing all the good seats were already taken throughout the one week’s show (even weekdays!!). I was really hoping to get as close as possible to the stage. Nobody to blame but myself for taking so long to decide such a trivial decision. Anyways, luck was on my side. Despite not having the front seats, I managed to get ourselves some good centred seats 17 rows behind. Ok la….considering the last minute effort.

D day….

One word. I-M-P-R-E-S-S-E-D

Ryan sat intently throughout the show. He was totally mesmerised by the Disney characters, the magic show, the songs, etc. He was clapping, laughing and pointing here and there when the characters made funny gestures. We were glad we made it to the show.

Tickets for the show


On the way. Ryan looking all geared


It was indeed a fruitful experience. We were glad we made it.  Oops. didn’t I just say that? Hehehe.. That night we got home with one happy tot and whole lot of “souvenirs” (aka damage):

Mickey Mouse Hat ($15)


Mickey Mouse Family Pic with Magnetic Frame ($22)


3 Packs of Ribena ($3 each) Oh yeah.. you can only see two here.. Daddy and Ryan drank the other one


Missing one pair of shoes ($35). Ryan only indicated the missing pair to mommy when we were in the car. Too late to recover by then especially after we discovered our next shock ie our best ‘souvenir’ from the entire event.















Wah Wah Wah …!!!! $30 summone for not displaying $0.50 parking coupon. Sobss… if only we can play the innocent card here :( We seriously do not know as we missed the parking rates signboard… Dem!!!!). We paid the fine online that same night itself cos we really mo-ngan-thai (no eyes see). What an expensive lesson.


I was a vain pot…

Hormone changes in me during my 10 months pregnancy were truly profound. Flashing back, I seriously do not know how could I be so vain?? Seriously vain vain vain. I just had this gush of dire need to look pretty and be accessorised all the time. Some say, if you’re preggie with a baby boy, the mother-to-be tends to be more vain and the skin will glow wor… I don’t know about the glowing part but I was seriously 100% top vain pot. Some of the things I would do:

- On workdays, I would sacrifice my sleep, woke up earlier in the morning so to straighten my hair (well my hair is actually considered very straight but I was so particular about being tidy that I must use the straightener for that extra smooth and silky hair).
- I had two earrings on each ear. One is a diamond stud so I hardly change but I’ll make sure my second earring (color, design) matches my clothes of the day.
- I put on full make up with mascara, lip liner, blusher, eye shadows etc. I will feel ‘na-ked’ if I go to work without all these paint on my face.
- I would buy new maternity clothes almost every week. If I don’t get to buy anything that week, I’ll be very upset. I just had to had something new.. blouse, pants, skirt, dress, whatever….
- Pedicure, Manicure is a must must must. I try not to be seen wearing the same nail color for 2 consecutive weeks.

and others others…..

The post pregnancy changes in me weren’t so apparent before I became a full time stay at home mom (after our move to Singapore). After delivery, I recovered from the vain pot syndrome. I no longer feel sorry for myself if I don’t look pretty or accessorised that day or if I woke up with a bad hair day. I still put in my bestest effort to dress well and look good of course. I still have to make a living. Err.. cannot go work looking like a zombie right.

Today, after 3 months of being a full time stay at home mom, I became such a minimalist. I still try to look my best but I’ve grown out of the need to put such heavy duty make up when I go out. Of course in front of hubs, or when we go out pat-toh, I try to dress up a bit la. Singapore is not too big. In case we bump into somebody we know, they won’t snuggle behind our backs and start gossiping how come so and so’s wife looks like a maid. Plus, I still wanna have No.2 leh… of course must look good and seeexxxyyy when hubs is around right? You agree or not? Blehhh….

About my maid…

Muahahahahaa… my maid never failed to amuse me. Maybe she feels I’m too bored at home and in dire need of some entertainment.

I asked her to go to the coffeeshop again to buy me lunch. In view of her blunder the last time, I decided to write down the instructions on paper after briefing her what I want. She threw away the paper already so I can’t take a pic of it. But the message was as clear as below:

1) Carrot Cake – less chili – small – approximately $2 (cos I do not know the price)


2) Chicken rice – small – @2.50

Pretty straight forward. But like I said she never failed to entertain me until the extent I find her naively blur and quite funny. :P

I only gave her $10 and she came back with ‘yat chau yee lang’ (bags of food) I thought nothing about it until when I walked to the dining table where the food was served, I saw two servings of lunch?? A closer look I saw – a packet of carrot cake AND chicken rice. Aiyyoooo.. my maid. Aiyoyo… Dem joker la!

** To give her some credits, besides the occassional blunder, she can do her work pretty well (a bit slow but that’s fine. I don’t have a bus to catch), and importantly she adores Ryan and Ryan likes her too so I guess she cannot be too horrible for a person who loves kids.

Tag: Awards Awards

Okie doke… whenever I could, I’ll try to do my tag homework. I simply have too many to owes. Really have to ‘kow tao’ to those I have not managed… Sorry….Will slowly complete them esp. the tougher ones. :P

1) Here goes… one that I owe BR’s Mum on blogging wish. It’s really thoughtful of her to send me this award. It really gives me the motivation to continue blogging about my little one (i’m sorry if some of you finds it utterly boring to read about my son, my son, nothing but my son in almost all my posts. Heehee. Cannot help it la. This blog was created for my son… until we shifted to though.. Now this blog is all rojak pijak already). But BR Mum, to you, a big hugz and thank you.

2) Here another award from this dedicated Terry’s mommy. Like me she’s also a SAHM, but Judy is definitely much more successful one for her success in time management – blogging, paid post, housechores, Terry’s welfare, etc etc…. She could manage it all so well. Hands down, she definitely deserved the award. As such, to receive this award from her is definitely a pleasant recognition.

I wish to extend these two awards to all my blog readers, whether you’re a silent or ones who never failed to cheer me up with your comments. Thank you all for your support. Even those who are not a blogger. You sure have a spot in my heart esp when you left me the msn messages to show how much you care. Here’s one specially for all of you……. no names mentioned but you know who you are. Cheriosss.