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Lil B on motorized car

We went to The Curve last weekend to check out the new table for Ryan. After making our investment we adjourned for lunch at Little Penang. I was craving for their Prawn noodles. Unfortunately this outlet’s food was so mediocre I swear I will not return.

After our lunch, the boys and my helper went to the kiddies’ section on the 2nd floor where there were lots of kiddies motorised vehicles to kill time. Me, on the other hand dashed to Ikea to get a new Mammut table to replace the old shaky piece and high chair tray for Darren. Don’t question why I slaved myself instead of hubby/maid. :P

Anyways, when I returned from my slavery task, both kiddos were still on their costly ride. (RM5 for 10 mins).


The lady manning the counter was amazed seeing a 1.5 year old riding a motorised vehicle with little supervision. I told the lady we have something similar at home. 


Ryan’s Ultraman Collection

@ 4 years 6 months 4 weeks 1 day

These are part of Ryan’s Ultraman collection. He’s been an avid aficionado since he was 2 years old. He has about 50 Ultraman (exclude those tiny figurines he collected from twist balls, birthday cakes etc) and a couple of Bandai monsters, Ben 10 monsters, etc.

Recently we ordered more Bandai monsters and some limited edition Ultraman from Japan to add on his collection. That cost me a bomb but for the smile on his face, it’s all worth it. :) So far I have presented a few to him, especially when I have to go out for long hours whether it’s to run errands or work related matters, I still have like 10 in the box which I’m keeping for rainy days.



Ultraman Craze



Monsters and a few sesat ower Rangers :P

 On a separate note, nwadays when we are out, Ryan developed this habit of buying something before we head home. Hubs said I am the culprit behind that bad habit. Mmm.. I guess I have to admit, to a certain extent. But then again, check out what Daddy bought for Ryan when we were at Gleneagles last Saturday. Daddy’s excuse was ‘Ryan is sick…’ Yeah.. Yeah…. Culprit No2. LOL. *wink*



…. and DiDi get his hands on the new toy when Kor Kor is in dreamland (Ryan goes to bed between 7-8pm everyday) … LOL.


Lil B , the little cruiser

@ 9 months 1 week 3 days

Lil b is now able to mobilise himself around the house (under supervision of course) pretty well. He could speed crawl, he could pull himself up and cruise, and on many occasion he would stand unsupported for a few seconds before he dropped on his bum and laughed over the stunt he had just performed.

We used to put him in the play pen when we need to have toilet break, etc. This is the face we get…


Monkey face


So we decided to dig out the play yard we bought last time and let him roam around a bigger space.


Acting hero. Seconds before drop on his bum bum

Ultraman Mini Exhibition

@ 4 years 6 months 4 days

Ryan fell ill on the 14th Oct (Thursday) with a fever. His fever was very high that night, 39.xC and when his temp did not subside after sponging him and Neurofen, I had no choice but to administer suppository at around 10pm. He cried and said it was painful. My poor boy. Luckily at this age, he’s more understanding and he knows it’s something we had to do to make him feel better. I consoled him saying if he gets better, I’ll bring him to The Mines for Ultraman mini exhibition.

On Friday, his fever kinda went away after another dose of Neurofen.  He kept checking on the time and asked me to get ready. He was really looking forward to the session. He’s been a fan since he was 2. So I brought him to The Mines as promised to see his superhero.

It was a 3 day event. Friday was media and VIP launch. No, we were not the VIP so that was as close as we could get to the stage. The boy in pic was a TV presenter. Lucky him. We could join the meet and greet session on Sat/Sun for some pictures but I decided not to tell Ryan about it anticipating the Q will be mad


Ryan with Ultraman signature pose. He insist of wearing an Ultraman shirt that Auntie Jane bought for him from HK


Checking out the goodies to add to his gigantic collection


I had to tell him all the Monsters’ name on each of the poster. He could name and remember all the Ultraman in and out of his collection