Christmas Celebration


The boys were really looking forward to Christmas day as they know there are many presents waiting to be unwrapped.

About a week or so prior to Christmas, Lil B spotted a fever. Bummer! We brought him to the Paed. The latter noticed some redness on his throat, nevertheless was prescribed medication for viral flu and a bottle of Augmentin as back up should lil B’s fever does not come down by the third day.

It was horrid to care for a sick child, especially one whom is allergic to suppository. Lil B’s fever spiked to 41.3c. I lost count the number of times I had sponged him. His patience too ran thin and was becoming increasingly agitated. Poor boy.

We alternated between Nurofen and Progeseric every 4-5 hours. Despite that, Lil B’s fever was still pretty high >39c. So on Day 2 midnight I fed him Augmentin. That night, he slept better. Viral or Bacteria? I couldn’t care less.

I think by Day 4, lil B showed tremendous improvement. My hope is kor kor will be spared.

Darren’s face was so flushed he could camouflage into the bed sheet.



Unfortunately luck was not on our side.

A couple of days later, Ryan complained of stomachache during dinner. I brushed it off as yet another antic of his to skip food. Little did I expect, after finishing his food, he ran straight to the washroom and vomitted everything out.

At first i thought he’ll just sleep through it but he continued to vomit a few more times until hubs got back from work around 9pm. He just couldn’t hold anything in his stomach. He was showing symptoms of AIAO (all in all out). We decided to bring him to the doc. He was diagnosed with mild food poisoning (since there was no fever and no purging). Sigh…

The next 3 days my boy continue to lose more weight due to poor appetite. He even refused to drink his milk something which he never said no to. He’s now all skin and bone.



Good thing, both recovered prior Christmas day but we decided not to invite any other kids for fear they may still carry the germs and spread to the innocent. So it was just a simple gift unwrapping session for the kids, which they enjoyed to the max.


On the other hand, hubs and I went to Morganfield’s at Pavilion for a simple lunch date. Morganfield’s is famous for their pork ribs so how can we not order their signature Stick Bones Spare Ribs.

Rating: 7.5/10.

Hubs ordered their Spiked Tequila Chicken.

Rating: 6/10

That pretty much sum up our Christmas celebration.

Puzzle Time

Lil B @ 1 year 10 months 2 weeks 3 days

Lil B’s favourite past time now..

Assembling puzzles. And I must say he’s pretty good at it.


I’m impressed he could assemble this 26 pieces ABC puzzle too. Lil B has improve lots on his fine motor skills.



His collection of puzzles.

And when he gets bored after completing the puzzles again and again for numerous times, we moved him on to another level.




Lil B can put together the set of puzzles meant for 2.5 and 3 years old (sets of 3-6 pieces) with minimal guidance now. Very proud of him.




Little Durian King

Lil b @ 1 year 10 months




Lil B is a true foodie. At 21 months he had his first taste of durian. Ever since he always join in our durian feast.

Ryan on the other hand is more selective of what goes into his mouth. The other day, after much coaxing he too took a small bite. Did he fall in love with the king of fruits?

Mommy: Do you like it?
Ryan: (shake head). Ewww sticky
Mommy: You have to stop being so picky with food otherwise you won’t be able to follow us anywhere.
Ryan: I like it mommy. I like the taste but I don’t like it “sticky”
Mommy: Huh? (Sticky?? O-o-o. What an excuse)… You want some more?
Ryan: No Mommy. I’m full. But I like the taste. (he ran upstairs after finishing his sentence).


Counting down to Christmas

Ryan @ 5 years 7 months
Lil B @ 1 year 10 months

We don’t really celebrate Christmas. However, after much pleading from Ryan, I bought him a 4ft Christmas tree last year. We participated in the celebration by putting Christmas presents under the tree. Even Mama, YehYeh joined in the fun and bought presents for their grandchildren. Ryan was thrilled to the max of course. Darren on the other hand was still blur then.

This year, the tree is up early. I dug out two presents from the stack of new toys I have bought the boys from time to time. I wrapped them up nicely and left them under the tree. When Ryan came down the next morning, he was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. He kept asking what’s in for him. 23 more days before he could get the answer though.